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10 Amazing Cave Hotels You Have to Visit

Photo credit: Albert Llausas & Michael  Flickr

Photo credit: Albert Llausas & Michael / Flickr

2) Desert Cave Hotel

Located in South Australia is the Desert Cave Hotel. Yet this hotel is neither located in a desert landscape or in a mountainous cave. The Desert Cave Hotel is fully underground. Everything associated with this establishment can be found in this dug-out style of hotel including bedrooms, a hotel bar and a shopping mall. The hotel is located in Coober Pedy, Australia, which is a small town with fewer than 2,000 residents and the largest supply of opal in the world. Funnily enough, Coober Pedy means “white man’s hole” in Aboriginal terms.

While some rooms are available above ground, the real treat at the Desert Cave Hotel is sleeping in the underground lair. In addition to being able to sleep in a completely dark and airy room that offers a consistently cool temperature year round, the hotel features tours of the surrounding landscape. Take advantage of your time in Coober Pedy, Australia by touring the underground churches and graveyard, as well as the opal mines that have supported the locals since the 1920s. In terms of monuments, you can spot the town’s first tree, made from scrap iron and sitting on a hilltop as a steel guard of the city.

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