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10 Best-Kept Disney Theme Park Secrets


Photo credit: Loren Javier/Flickr

Everyone has secrets, but who would have guessed that in this case it’s not a human being in question? Well, sort of. Disneyland and Disney World have offered a happiness and fun to all the children (and everyone who feels like a kid) of the world, for decades.

It probably will continue doing so, while spreading the whole spectrum of fun activities and crazy safe shenanigans. However, even the most well-oiled machine needs some things to be a secret so it can function as good as it does.

Here are some of those secrets – the 10 best-kept Disney theme park secrets.

1. Of Mice And Men

Oops, it looks like the cat is out of the bag! Did you know that Disneyland in California allows feral cats to roam the park at night?

Allegedly, this is done to keep the mouse population under control.

And don’t worry about the kitties, there not just left on their own to roam, frighten mice and call it a day; they’re well taken care of.

There are feeding stations set up throughout the park to keep the cats fed. Although this is a pretty cool way of animal – human symbiosis, we have to wonder: do they chase Mickey and Minnie too?