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These 10 Haunted Hotels Will Scare The Living Daylights Out of You

Photo credit:   Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

1) Ballygally Castle, Ireland

If this were a list of most picturesque European castles, Ballygally would be a top contender, it is beautiful and the piece of land it sits on overlooks the sea at the head of Ballygally Bay. Half a century ago, the owners added a wing that is used as a hotel.

The history of Ballygally Castle is as rich with tragedy as you might expect a haunted place to have. Legend is that Lady Isobel Shaw either fell or was shoved out of the window of her room after being locked in it, away from her new baby, and starved. Apparently her husband was a real prince charming who just wanted an heir from her.

Now she roams the halls freely, knocking on doors then disappearing, in search for her baby.

There is a little room in the corner turret called the ghost room, that guest are not permitted to stay in. Guests have reported things like feeling a small hand on the back while resting, then the sound of children laughing and running away. Things being set askew, and feelings of uneasiness in certain areas.

Ballygally is lovely and likely worth the risk of a shock, but beware of ghosts because you are a guest in their home after all.

Photo credit: Marco Varisco  Flickr

Photo credit: Marco Varisco Flickr

2) The Equinox Vermont U.S.

If you are an American history buff this resort style inn will be impossible to resist. After all where else can you visit the ghost of Mary Todd Lincoln? She was visiting this hotel to escape the weather of her home when her husband was assassinated. Staff say that they see her walking the halls. Why would she be haunting a place she did not die in?

No one knows for sure but it is believed that perhaps she is returning to the last place she was truly happy, or on the flip side her apparition could be an imprint of the negative energy from the shock of losing her husband so violently.

Either way she gives the guests a jolt when they see her standing there with her child. In addition to Mary Todd and her child, people have reported chills, cold spells out of the blue, dark figures appearing out of the corner of their eyes, and items being moved around randomly.

The staff finds the residual energy there to be thrilling, but only the skeptic or brave sleep over night once they hear of the supernatural residents.

Photo credit: Doug Wertman  Flickr

Photo credit: Doug Wertman Flickr

3) The 1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa Eureka Springs U.S.

An old hotel in a place called Eureka Springs, would almost have to be haunted by an cowboy in a duster and a black hat, however it seems to be haunted by everything except that. This hotel is high end and you can do almost anything there, including going on a midnight ghost tour to the morgue that starts off with ghost stories around a campfire.

The Crescent is so nice that guest seem to check in and never leave…ever.

Many of the ghosts that reside there are past guests, including a student, a nurse, a doctor, an Irish stonemason, a lady who came for cancer treatment, a bearded gentleman in tails and a top hat, and Norman G. Baker a doctor who ran the hotel for a while and treated cancer patients with water from the local hot springs. The hotel does not hide its ghostly residents, and the show Ghost Hunters actually got solid evidence of paranormal activity by taking thermal image of a man in a top hat nodding.

If you chose to vacation at the Crescent Hotel, prepare for the time of your life while searching for creatures from the afterlife.

Photo credit: Christine Wagner  Flickr

Photo credit: Christine Wagner Flickr

4) Fairmont Banff Springs, Canada

This Scottish Baronial style hotel is stunning, yet dwarfed by the even more majestic Rocky Mountains range that it is nestled in. The hotel has attracted weddings from day one with its beauty, however at least once the beauty turned out deadly when a bride allegedly fell down the staircase after catching on fire. She is said to be seen dancing in the great room and wandering the halls, destined to forever relive the best/worst day of her life.

No word on if her groom is ever spotted.

The story of the dancing bride is whimsical, the story of the missing room…not so much. There is a missing room on the eighth floor that a family was allegedly murdered in. The story goes that a family died violently there, and after much renovation the hotel started renting the room again. However guests would complain about being woken up to screams and bloody hand prints.

Eventually they walled over the door and pretended it did not exist. There is still a light above where the missing door is on the eighth floor and when you knock on the wall it sounds hollow in that area. Uh…chills, okay on to more peaceful supernatural residents, there is also a little boy ghost who used to work there and continues to be seen attempting to do the job he did in life year after year after year.

Beware if you order a midnight snack from room service, you just do not know who will deliver!

Photo credit: Neil Moakley  Flickr

Photo credit: Neil Moakley Flickr

5) Akasaka Weekly Mansion Tokyo, Japan

These apartments that tourists can rent by the week, are repeatedly being reported as haunted by rather aggressive apparitions. Building One in particular is a hotspot (or would it be cold-spot?) for paranormal activity. Guests have reported feeling like someone was standing at the foot of their bed then being shocked to actually see them, feeling someone hit them, and seeing a white mist drift quickly through the room.

One woman says that she was dragged across the apartment by her hair, and had marks on her body afterward that she could not account for.

People have casually reported being frozen in place from time to time. (Wait, what?) These ghosts, unlike some other on the list seem to be very unhappy with company in the place they decided to spend their afterlife. Although some of the spirits are said to pet the back and hair of sleeping guests, so perhaps all of them are not out to harm their guests. (How comforting.)

If you are brave enough and visiting Tokyo then go ahead and book a week at the mansion. I Dare You.

Photo credit: Richard Leeming  Flickr

Photo credit: Richard Leeming Flickr

6) Langham Hotel, United Kingdom

Whether you are searching for the paranormal, or trying to avoid it at all costs, if you get a chance to stay at the Langham Hotel, take it. This 5 star hotel is magnificent to say the least and the guest list is extensive. It was built in 1865 and styled after a Florentine Palace. If you are leery of ghosts avoid room 333 at all costs, in fact just steer clear of the third floor.

The ghosts that have been spotted are a murder-suicide doctor and wife, a German Prince who plunged out of a window, Emperor Napoleon III, a maimed ghost, a butler, and a footman.

Guest have been shoved out of bed, felt the room go extremely cold, heard voices, and fled in the middle of the night due to terror. These ghosts, and paranormal occurrences did not happen to people who were searching them down, this hotel is high end, as in the highest. Many people who report these happenings have the most to lose as far as reputation, yet they are shaken enough to tell the tale.

If you have the money to try out the most haunted room in all of London do not expect the hotel staff to think you are sane, even most of them avoid it if possible.

Photo credit: Andy Price  Flickr

Photo credit: Andy Price Flickr

7) Buxton Inn, Ohio U.S.

The owners deny it was haunted at first, and do not advertise the fact. But did admit that after some time in the place they cannot outright deny that supernatural things may exists although no one knows what made them change their minds. The Buxton Inn is said by residents of the town and past guests, to be haunted by the owner Orrin Granger, a man in blue, Bonnie Bounell, its namesake Major Horton Buxton, a young boy, a coachman, and get this, a cat that rubs on the guest’s legs. That is quite the crowd!

Guests have reported doors slamming, shadowy figures, footsteps, and cold areas.

Most of the ghostly activity has been centered around rooms 7 and 9 as well as the basement. The creepiest tale out of Buxton in has to do with odd reflections appearing back from a mirror the rest of the stories are chilling to say the least but looking in a mirror and seeing one of the eternal guests peering back has to cause more than a few gray hairs.

If you visit, hope that the most you get is the fluffy invisible cat purring on your pillow.

Photo credit: Richard Martin  Flickr

Photo credit: Richard Martin Flickr

8) Bourbon Orleans, Louisiana U.S.

This southern hotel is considered the most haunted hotel in Louisiana. With a prestigious appearance and rich history, it should be on anyone’s list of places to stay on a ghost tour, and no ghost tour would be complete without a trip to New Orleans, just driving through the place gives many people chills. The Bourbon Orleans opened its doors as a ballroom and theater, then in the 1800’s it became a convent and school ran by The Sisters of the Holy Family this lasted for 83 years.

Now it is an in demand hotel and the opulent ball room is a sought after venue for political conventions, weddings, and huge parties. The ghosts it seems, add to the charm of the place. Because in New Orleans what harm is there in a few more spirits after all?

The spirits that lurk the hotel are a Confederate Soldier referred to as The Man, children and nuns who died there of yellow fever, a cigar smoking old man, and a dancing ghost in the ballroom. None of them have been reported as aggressive at all, just a bit creepy.

Photo credit: Brad Holt  Flickr

Photo credit: Brad Holt Flickr

9) Menger Hotel, Texas U.S.

This hotel located in San Antonio is said to be the oldest and most well known hotel in all of the state. Famous guests include Teddy Roosevelt, Babe Ruth, Ulysses S. Grant, and Oscar Wilde. Ghostly residents include Captain Richard King of the King Ranch, who hangs out eternally in the room he intentionally died in.

As well as Sallie White, a maid who was beat to death by her husband at the hotel and decided to hang around there in the afterlife and continue to haul towels down the corridors.

There is the cowboy spotted in a bathroom talking to an invisible person asking “are you gonna stay or go?” before fading away himself, and a blond boy playing in the occupied rooms (he does not like to play alone). The ghosts all seem to be content going about their daily life.

It is the guests and staff who become disturbed when they happen to come across some of these Texan ghosts just going about their after lives.

Photo credit: Nick Kenrick  Flickr

Photo credit: Nick Kenrick Flickr

10) The Savoy, Mussoorie India

Spiritualist Frances Garnett-Orme stayed at the Savoy and died of poisoning in one of the rooms. Shortly after, her doctor died of poisoning as well. Her death inspired Agatha Christie’s story The Mysterious Affair at Styles. This information while interesting, does not indicate a haunted hotel. The fact that she decided to continue to walk the halls of Savoy does.

They think she is searching for the person who poisoned her. The thing is she just looks at the guests who are able to see her with an extremely creepy (even for a ghost) emotionless expression, then keeps going on. Perhaps the Savoy has a depressed ghost wandering the halls. Can ghosts get depressed?

This hotel is considered one of the most haunted in all of India not because of the number of spirits, or a gory history. No, aside from Lady Garnett the history is relatively peaceful, it is considered incredibly creepy because the one ghost is does have is so sad and determined. She has been viewed by guests so often that the British ghost has become a part or Indian lore.

Maybe one day someone will solve her case and she can be a more cheerful apparition for the guests.