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10 Must-Have Apps That Will Make You a Smarter Traveller

Photo credit: Betsy Weber  Flickr

Photo credit: Betsy Weber Flickr

1) TripIt!

Planning a trip, for most people, is half of the fun. The anticipation and the open-endedness of one’s trip, long before any of the stress of nearly missed flights and overcrowded tourist attractions kick in. To help keep your organizational spirit of planning with you throughout the trip, keep your plans on tap at all times using TripIt!. This app is available on both Android and iOS. You can get it for free for most functionality of the app, or pay 99 cents to get rid of the ads.

As you plan out your trip from the flight schedule to the information regarding restaurants you want to eat at, use this app to store it digitally. Rather than struggling with snips of paper and notepads filled with ideas and itineraries, keep everything in your mobile device. In addition to being much more legible, you benefit from the Internet for sourcing maps, reviews and contact information. Using this app you can enter your full itinerary along with suggestions for alternative plans. Keep track of all of your electronic tickets to events, train schedule for your routes, and hotel accommodation information in one place. Once you’ve finished making your itinerary you can email it to yourself or family members. Plus, you have a neatly organized and fully functional itinerary that you can use to keep yourself on schedule when abroad.