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20 Of The World’s Most Secluded (And Beautiful) Beaches

Photo credit:  Depositphotos

Photo credit: Depositphotos

When you’re trying to relax on the beach, the last thing you want is to contend with screaming children and obnoxious couples engaging in public displays of affection. The best beach experience is one that is uninterrupted by these distractions.

If you’re looking to enjoy complete solitude on a gorgeous beach, you’ll definitely want to check out one of the following ten destinations:

1. La Sagesse Bay, Grenada

Grenada’s Grand Anse Bay is a huge tourist destination and thus, terrible for anyone hoping to enjoy a little beach privacy.

La Sagesse Bay, on the other hand, is incredibly secluded, despite the fact that it lies just ten miles from the resorts of Grand Anse.

There is a hotel and nature center located near La Sagesse Bay, but you’ll see just a handful of sunbathers on the beach at any one time, as opposed to the constant hordes found at Grand Anse Bay.

An even greater sense of seclusion can be obtained by exploring the hiking trails found throughout La Sagesse’s nature center.

When looking for a cozy place to stay, most visitors opt to stay at La Sagesse Bay’s hotel, as access to the beach is nearly impossible by car. Even though it is very isolated, this very private beach is just 30 minutes from the Maurice Bishop International Airport.

There are only twelve rooms at the tiny resort, many of which are spread out in small buildings along the beach. Parents view this as an ideal Caribbean destination, as it is free of the seedier characters that populate Grand Anse. Even more important, the waters of La Sagesse are calm and shallow, making them perfect for exploration.

When you get hungry, you can enjoy the beauty of the ocean with their beautiful beachfront restaurant where they serve fresh fish and lobster, and grow their own vegetables. They also have special wedding packages for that couple looking to tie the knot, and this would be the ideal location for your special day.

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    Um, 3 DECADES is only 30 years ago…I’m guessing you meant to write 3 CENTURIES!!

    • Fyrzowt

      Why would that be? Ships didn’t wreck 30 years ago?

    • TeaRunner

      Article is correct, the ship wrecked in 1980 running from the Greek Navy.

  • Ursus_Indomitus

    Where are the waves?

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    Have u been in Spain????
    I dont think so……. Check Galician beaches as Islas Cíes, Campelo, Las catedrales….

  • Jack Peter

    Lost me right off with the –
    “obnoxious couples engaging in public displays of affection” – what kind of a hung-up person writes that about beaches. Nudity/PDAs should be highly weighted positive criteria for such a list!

  • Tony_SFO_YUL

    Its disappointing that there are no Caribbean Mexican beaches on the list. Because there are some nice ones there..

  • Cris22

    Try to google Anawangin cove and Nagsasa cove in Philippines. All that top 10 wont compare with the view of the beach, clear ocean waters and also nice people.

  • Navid

    Nice butt in ads underneath

  • MJ’s Farm

    The author has no clue what beautiful beach is really look like. I hope He/she need to research much further and visit Asia and see what he/she is missing out. Beaches in Romblon, Philippines are much more prettier and secluded than some of the choices mentioned. Poor choices.

  • my20cents

    Not sure how the Lost Coast in Northern California got omitted. Beautiful, remote and few people out there.

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    smuglers cove! That;s the one! That’s where I know Im going to find Pussy Riot!

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  • Dongman

    I have been sucked off on each and every one of these beaches and came on only four of them. The wait staff are incredibly rude, always telling you in bad English to stop getting sucked off, stop letting her lick it raw, etc, etc. If you’re going to one of these beaches, be sure to get blown in the Rickshaw on your way there.