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10 Smart Tips for Stress-Free Plane Trips

Photo credit:  Depositphotos

Photo credit: Depositphotos

1) Look Behind You

When you are on an airplane, it is expected that you would want to make yourself somewhat comfortable. You kick back and prepare to take a nap, only to be interrupted by a loud snort behind you. You have just committed the first offense in plane travel—reclining into someone’s lap.

Before you recline your seat, look behind you to make sure the person behind you is not using their behind the seat tray, for something like eating or reading. If they are not using their tray, step outside of your comfort zone and ask them if it is OK if you recline your seat. More often than not they will say “yes” and you can carry on with your napping plans. If for some reason they are rude about it, then you are forewarned ahead of time of any difficulties you might encounter.

Another tip here regarding seat reclining is to wait until after you have taken off. It can be awfully easy to stuff the ear plugs in, pull down the eye mask, and put in your headphones so you can listen to soothing sounds. Unfortunately you also miss out on important travel information from the flight attendants. While you may not think you need to hear this information yet again, or you are feeling overly confident that a plane you are on will never crash, you are wrong, wrong, wrong.

At the very least, showing the flight attendants some respect by paying attention and listening to their deal is important.