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10 Ways To Travel the World for Free

Photo credit:   Depositphotos

Photo credit: Depositphotos

1) Teach Abroad

Spend time teaching while traveling and you will soon make more than your ends meet. If you are working in countries, such as Singapore or Thailand, your weekly paycheck will be enough to cover rent of a nice pad along with a live-in maid and fine dining for every meal. Plus, you don’t even have to have a teaching degree or TESOL certification to get a job in most cases.

As an English speaker your best bet for finding work abroad is to scout out jobs when you get into your country of destination. Visit places that are requesting volunteers for school events and offer your services in order to get in the door. Another route is to visit with potential schools upon your arrival to see if they need any teaching help. English speakers especially from the US are highly prized for their cultural and linguistics skills, so you are likely to find employment. One catch—you will need to sign a contract stating that you will teach for a set time frame, which is typically a school semester or year. Also, you will need to get a business visa allowing you to work in another country when traveling.