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12 Best Disney Trip Money-Saving Tips


Photo credit: Depositphotos

No matter how big or small your budget is, it can always come in handy and it is definitely never a bad idea to consider different ways of saving some money during your Disney World vacation.

For some of the guests, cutting back on various things is a must and may be the only way they can even afford a trip to Disney World, while for others, it can be useful when it comes to organizing and finding money for that coveted second Disney trip of the year.

Some of our recommendations and tips on how to save that extra dime might not apply to everyone, however they are certainly useful if you want to have the full experience without going broke.

1. Find Freebies

Though Disney World was well-known for their no-freebies policies and they definitely used to avoid any types of discounts, things have changed over the past several years or so.

In fact, Disney World has been quite vocal about their marketing packages which offer better deals and give you various freebies.

Some of them are free park tickets, or quite popular free-food deals which can be found during your stay.

Check for some neat special offers at, or search some money-saving oriented websites such as, where you can find the deals best suited for you or maybe even win some awesome coupon codes.

However, some of these free deals require at least four-day stays, so always check if they apply to your package.