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12 Clever Hacks for Better Airline Seats

Photo credit: sk_travel  Pixsta

Photo credit: sk_travel Pixsta

1) Seat Guru

This online opportunity gives the optimal seating for any airplane in the sky. Free for all, Seat Guru lets you search on their website for a visual map of the exact plane on which you will be traveling. Take a look at the plane set up and then look for seats that are preferred for travelers. Seat Guru has a color coded system that highlights the good, the bad and the horrible in terms of seating.

It is truly a well mapped out system showcasing the plane in full glory, which is ideal for someone who is nervous or anxious about flying. Additionally you will find out which seats are already taken and which ones are available to you.

As you are selecting the prime seat for your flight, you will note there are often reviews from past flyers. These reviews typically include actual images of the seats, rows and cabins of the planes, along with detailed accounts of real world situations involving the seating.

You can choose the best seat for your flight, as well as leave a review of your own after the trip is nothing more than a scrap booking opportunity.