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12 Clever Hacks for Better Airline Seats

Photo credit:   MySeatFinder

Photo credit: MySeatFinder

2) My Seat Finder

The web is rampant with sites offering seat deals, and My Seat Finder is one of such sites. With this website you can sign up to find the best airplane seats, as well as to book the seats when they become available if that is the case. Using this online tool you don’t have to waste days scouting out different flights and seating arrangements in order to get the one you want.

Save your time and effort by adding My Seat Finder to your list of necessary travel tips.

After you sign up for the service, My Seat Finder will ask you in detail about your seating preferences, class choices, and other special requests and needs. Plus, the program will ask you about details regarding upcoming flights that will fit your flight schedule and itinerary. The service updates every four hours and will automatically book your flight if the perfect seat and schedule become available.

Airlines that are supported by My Seat Finder include Delta, US Airways, United, Southwest and American Airlines.

The cost for this service is free for eight flights, or you can pay $29 a year to get unlimited service.