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12 Facts to Keep in Mind before Staying in a Hostel

Photo credit:   Depositphotos

Photo credit: Depositphotos

1) Women Only

Women travelers who are in groups or going solo often look at security in lodging as a big issue. For hostels, it can seem threatening to know you might be staying in a dorm room with 21 male rugby players on a mission to get and stay drunk for their entire stay.

Therefore it is cool to know that women can get in women-only dorm rooms in hostels.

Check with your hostel before hand to find out if you can stay in a bed that is on a women-only floor or room. Also, you might be able to stay in a hostel that is for female guests only. Female focused hostels are exactly that, typically offering amenities, such as full length dressing mirrors and hairdryers, that are most requested by women.

Also these types of hostels tend to be quieter with less partying and testosterone to keep everyone amped up. Yet it is the safety issue that keeps female centric hostels going, as women often feel safer when staying among other women especially when they are traveling to a new country or continent.