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15 Awe-Inspiring Architectural Wonders

Photo credit: Wikipedia

Photo credit: Wikipedia

12) Porsche Museum

Like the BMW Welt, the Porsche Museum is dedicated to presenting their line of vehicles in a modern museum that immediately catches the eye.

The design came about through a competitive search for the perfect vision to carry the look and feel of Porsche into the next century.

Created of concrete and steel, the vision began in 2005 and was completed in 2009. The two floors contain multiple permanent and special exhibits along with over 80 vehicles. Sleek, clean lines and soft colors enhance each display as visitors ascend the entry ramp for an overview of the collection.

From here, choose to start the tour learning about the history of the company or go directly to the main exhibition area. Dining is always a pleasure and the museum makes it that much more with glass windows overlooking the Porscheplatz and production building and the cars on exhibit.

The Porsche workshop is also visible for watching the master mechanics refurbish, repair, and refit classic Porsche vehicles that are exhibited worldwide. The museum is open during the day and in the evening if you want to see the distinct building and its innovative design light up the night.