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15 Awe-Inspiring Architectural Wonders

Photo credit: Wikipedia

Photo credit: Wikipedia

13) Fallingwater

What list would be complete without an example of architect Frank Lloyd Wright and his creative genius. Designed in 1935, the house is comprised of a total of 5,330 square feet.

The interior uses 2,885 of the footage while the terraces us 2445 square feet.

His vision was creating structures that blended with the environment in a natural way without being intrusive and Fallingwater is an excellent example. The home opened to the public in 1964 with millions of visitors passing through the doors since that time. The soft ochre and Wright’s signature Cherokee red are prevalent throughout.

It is the only major home designed by Wright that retained the original artwork and furnishings when it was initially opened to the public. The gentle waterfall beneath the terrace adds an element of total relaxation. The home is located on a 5100-acre nature reserve blending perfectly with the serene and natural environment.

The home is open on select days March through December. Enjoy the ¼-mile walk to the home and be prepared to climb over 100 steps from the home’s ground level to the guesthouse situated on a hill.