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15 Best Places to Live in Florida

Photo credit:   Depositphotos

Photo credit: Depositphotos

4) Orlando

A list of great cities in Florida just wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Orlando.

As the Theme Park Capital of the World, Orlando is home to not only Walt Disney World, but also Universal Studios Florida, SeaWorld and the truly unique Gator World.

It is the most visited city in all of the US and as you can imagine, tourism is the main contributor to the economy in the city.

Orlando also ranks as number 4 on the list of cities American’s would most like to live in according to a Pew Research Study conducted in 2009. The city is made up of mostly wetlands and offers visitors a wide array of opportunities to visit its many different lakes and swamp lands.

With its gorgeous tropical year round temperatures and close proximity to the coast Orlando is a fun and exciting city to live in even if you aren’t the theme park type. The city also ranks high on our list for it’s relatively low cost of living, good public school system and unbeatable location within the state of Florida.