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15 Best Places to Live in Florida

1) Port St. Lucie

The number 1 spot on our list goes to the small city of Port St. Lucie. The city is home to about 155,000 people and ranks as the 9th largest city in the state.

Its low cost of living, excellent location and low crime rates make this city a great place to live and an even better place to raise a growing family.

Its location on the Atlantic coast also offers residents and visitors great access to a number of beautiful beaches, outdoor recreation and a subtropical climate that is hard to beat. Home to a number of great attractions, there is a great deal to explore in and around the city.

Tourism is a big draw for the local economy here and visitors can enjoy lots of nautical activities including fishing, golfing and horseback rides along the beach. The city is also home to the New York Mets spring training which is a big draw for visitors each year.

For those looking to have their family focus on education you won’t be disappointing with the city’s good public school system and many options for post-secondary education as well. In Florida, Port St. Lucie has got a bit of it all.

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  • 1fastdude

    WHO THE HELL MADE THIS LIST!??!??! Port Saint Lucie #1??? No quality jobs, some of the highest unemployment in the state, and one of the top 10 foreclosure counties in the state, and not a damn thing to do!! Oh yeah, move to Port Saint Lucie and be broke with the rest!! lmao

    • jules

      Retired and Loving Port Saint Lucie !!! LOL !

      • @JacksonCheese

        Key word: Retired

    • Scott Bernard

      then why do you live here???

    • Nick I

      I stopped reading after this author spelt Fort Myers wrong…

      • buffs

        I stopped reading your post after you spelled the word “spelled” ….”SPELT” Unless you are from the UK, that shit makes me bonkers.

        • Nick I

          Re-read it again! 😉

        • Diana Williford

          Spelled has been the most acceptable past tense of spell in the US since the 1900s. It is the most accepted spelling worldwide.
          Sorry buffs…Look it up!
          Retired English Teacher here.
          Also, spelt reminds me so much of smelt, that spelt always smells fishy to me! In 63 years I have never known anyone use spelt for spelled. Where are you from?

          • BW

            No English teacher here, but I do know from years of Catholic school that you don’t end a sentence with a preposition.

          • JohnDz

            Actually, that is a myth. It is an outdated rule. You can end sentences with certain types of prepositions. She used it correctly. The only other way she could have worded it is, “From where do you come?”, which is considered overly-formal and is no longer used. Some other examples are “to”, “about”, and “of”. How many times have you said things like, “Who are you talking TO?”, “What are you complaining ABOUT?”, or “What are you afraid OF?” There really is no other way to arrange those sentences.

          • John Sparkman

            Right on!

          • KaZ Akers

            Of what are you afraid? To whom are you talking? About what are you complaining?

          • Lynnette Marquez

            Thank you, we do, Yoda.

          • Nancy LaVange Beaman

            You are absolutely correct!

          • Face

            Once you used the “C” word… are out of the game!

          • judith rogers

            Years of catholic school and you didn’t benefit from all that religious education…faith, hope, and charity…these three remain, but the greatest of them is charity (aka kindness).

          • boocat

            From whence do you come, good sir? LOL

          • Gayle63

            That is a rule up with which I cannot put!

          • charna crews

            I thought the subject at hand was about Fort Myers and not a lesson in English.People here commenting are not in middle or high school or signing up for “how to speak English correctly”.Some of us here are just learning English as well as using slang, so mistakes will be made.Stop being so petty and judgmental.This is not the forum for an English lesson ,perhaps you should start a blog so that the less unfortunate can learn correct English.

        • Will Mike

          Dude, read your on post. You replied while also using the word “spelled.” “after you spelled the word “spelled.”” You must be making yourself go bonkers…

        • John Sparkman

          Nobody says spelt anymore, crawl back under your rock

        • Maxi Maxi

          Ahahahah people from UK do not speak English properly it is not a discovery

          • Hamish

            People who live in the UK speak the original English……

        • Charles Meyers

          Spelt is wheat. Specifically, a species of wheat cultivated since 5000 BC mostly in Europe. It is also known as dinkel wheat or hulled wheat. The verb ‘spell’ makes ‘spelled’ the past tense and past participle. The word is SPELLED in the context in which it is used here and therefore Nick I was correct while buffs should have kept on reading.

      • boocat

        Wow. I saw that too. Idiocy.

    • Cheryl Myrick

      I am glad you said that. I heard it was a great place but it never appealed to me & I have been there. You’re right, probably could not get a decent job there & would have to drive forever to get one. No wonder the houses even ones with pools are so cheap compared to other places. Plus my husband knows someone that lives there that bought a house & they got burned because it was made with Chinese drywall which is apparently dangerous to be around & causes health problems. I would rather move further south anyway personally, like maybe the Keys or the U.S. Virgin Islands. Heck with PSL!

    • Westcoastin 27

      Port St Lucie is a beautiful place. I don’t think its a number one place to live, but it does have a lot of rich old people and nice homes.

  • rphootman

    It’s Fort Myers and Captiva, not Meyers and Cativa. Also, the photo for Port Saint Lucie is not even in Florida! Most notably, there are no mountains in Florida as depicted in the picture and there is definitely NO port there that looks like what is in the picture. Such obvious sloppy research does not give credence to what is being reported. Researcher should have gone to the Port St. Lucie Chamber of Commerce website and used a picture from their site.

    • laura

      the pic I see IS from Port St. Lucie… you can see the FL and US flags on the left.

      • rphootman

        The picture has been changed. Original picture showed several cruise ships in port with a back drop of mountains.

    • Melissa

      I agree with your assessments rphootman! Also, on the “Tampa” page, it’s Tampa Bay Lightning, not LightENing.

  • Mark H

    Where is your editor? You misspelled “Fort Myers”

  • Mark H

    THE PICTURE YOU HAVE OF Port St. Lucie, FL IS ACTUALLY A PICTURE OF sAINt Lucia in the Caribbean!!! lMAo

    • jbarouch32

      Yes. Not too many mountains anywhere in Florida, especially in South FL.

    • laura

      Uh, not where I am looking – it is the Port St. Lucie civic center for sure – US and FL flags flying to the left, the seal of PSL on the ground, you can clearly read “FLORIDA” – duh.

  • Corey

    I’m guessing/hoping you’ve never been to Hialeah… and the Swimming Hall of Fame announced last year it’s leaving Fort Lauderdale for California, because the CIty does not value it.

  • Joe Velez

    I read what number 15 was and had to stop. As someone who has lived in Fort Myers, that place is awful to live in. Sure, you can find those thing there if you live in a very small portion of the city but the rest is full of multiple shooting every night, home invasions, robberies at the ATMs, so many robberies at Wendy’s that they closed it down, police helicopters looking for someone every other night, occasional small plane terrorists warnings from the local airport, constant car crash deaths due to the multiple highways, idiots who drive while playing with their phones (more so than normal), constant reports of people trying to abduct children at school bus stops, little to no jobs, seemingly every other store or shopping center is closed down, run down and burned down houses and overgrown vacant lots all over and the list goes on and on. In short, don’t live in Fort Myers. I won’t be finishing this list.

    • Ed

      But wait Joe, they are listing someplace called “Fort Meyers” not “Fort Myers.”

    • CFrance

      Otherwise, how did you like it?

      • jules

        LOL !

      • shara neiman

        best comment here lol.

  • Jerseys Rants

    Oh you gotta be kidding me, don’t make me show the videos I took showing the crime and demolition of South Florida.. I have been here for 20 years and I can’t wait to get the hell out.. Some of the places are nice but surrounded by bad area’s, and I literally mean crime is 3 blocks away..

  • jonahgibson

    1fastdude is right. I’ve lived in Port Saint Lucie for the past 5 years and just putting it on this list is ludicrous, not to mention putting it no. 1. It is a depressed area with few amenities, few jobs, and high crime rates. Granted there is a lot of potential here with the Indian River Lagoon and Atlantic beaches, but state and local government have mostly fumbled their opportunities here and developers have spoiled the rest.

    • jules

      Port St Lucie is great… If you’re RETIRED !!!

  • Ed

    Instant disqualification for “Fort Meyers” … where, exactly is “Fort Meyers” Also, adding Jax and Tallahassee to this list while essentially ignoring everything on the coast from Panacea to Pensacola is mind boggling. Seaside? Destin? Fort Walton? Pensacola Beach?

    • Rod Selva

      oh the Panhandel does not count its a different state…you are right I was thinking if you are a retiree the Panhandel has nice beaches,and other watersports nice and clean,and out of the Panhandel ,I would think Sarasota and WPB would make the list before Hialeah,and the Villages where is that? I would take Palm Beach Gardens.The person who wrote the article definetly does not like any of the cities in Palm beach county,not one made the list.

  • dave who lives in sarasota

    This list is a joke and its funny port st lucie never knew we had mountains here in fl .

  • Mark Franke

    Jacksonville?? I live here and it’s consistently the murder capital of Florida year after year. This is an awful place

    • A sociology professor

      Then move. Some of us happen to like it here and would happily do without people who hate it.

      • Real thing

        Just move and don’t cry…….

      • Ben Hurt

        You may love Jacksonville and know all kinds of reasons, but on my one visit I was ripped off so badly by your cab drivers (twice) that I wouldn’t set foot in the place again. Cities often don’t seem to understand how important it is to stop this crap. The town offers no way to file a complaint that I could find and it just shrugged. .

    • Alex G

      yep, it’s a big boring city.

  • Mark Franke

    no Pensacola? It’s one of the nicest towns. No Panama City Beach?

  • ruth dobkin

    Please check your facts: The Tampa Bay Rays DO NOT play in Tampa. They play in St. Petersburg. Understand that Tampa Bay is an AREA that encompasses Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater. Tampa Bay is NOT a city.

    • laura

      Tampa Bay is a BAY! whoooooaaa

      • Dear

        I like your post We live in detroit Mi and we haited what you think of tempa to live there you think will we like it

  • 1EdMeadows83

    My favorite Florida city is Ft. Myers Beach (not Ft, Meyers). I was there in 1949 before there was a bridge to Sanibel Island. The guy who owned the car and the ladies in our group went to the island on a ferry. My friend and I rented a little put put motor boat and went to the island on it. I had my swim trunks on and consequently got the worst sunburn of my life. To top that off the “Baby” Lincoln had mohair seat upholstery which added to my torment. On that same trip we went to Daytona Beach and I drove the Lincoln around the Daytona “Speedway” It was just a dirt track then with a few bleachers.

    • Badbones

      1949……? that was 65 years ago. Do you know how much changes in Florida in a course of 3-6 months.

      • 1EdMeadows83

        Yes. One change is that Florida politicians have become some of the worst in the nation.

    • Rosemary Meister

      Me too. When it was just a swinging bridge. It was beautiful back then, Still is but the hi rises have spoiled a lot of the view and naturalism!

  • jbarouch32

    which coast is The Villages on ? East vs West?

    • Andrew

      It’s in the middle of the state.

      • jbarouch32


  • Joe Mauro

    lmao,whoever wrote this never drove in south stpete after dark brother!!!!Great town if youre homeless,addicted to heroin ,crack or ice cmon down youll with right vampires,hookers ,guns ,gangs and no public transportation ,bodies in dumpsters cmon down!!

    • Lisa Wheeler

      There are areas of St Petersburg that fit your description, but only small areas, just like any city would have. But there are plenty of nice areas too.

    • Miss Jay

      Same thing in North St. Pete as well. Just roll through Lealman and parts of the 4th street north corridor. IJS Stop hating on the South Side!

    • D Mc

      Hmm your comment is pretty funny. I live in South St. Pete and the last time I checked I’m pretty sure I’m not homeless or do I engage in any type of drug activity or am I street walker. Now as for Vampire, you totally got me. I’m actually in a Vampire gang and instead of killing people by biting them we use guns and then put them in dumpsters but only in south St. Pete since there are no buses or trolly’s to get anywhere else .

      • Rod Selva

        public trasportaion in general in Florida sucks!

    • Bos Ayers

      I live in the St Paul neighborhood. Besides the homeless people walking to the missions or downtown to eat or beg, it’s a great neighborhood. I also lived in OldSouthEast, and it was alright, but lots of robberies, from across 4th Street.

    • shara neiman

      We saw a black guy walking up and down the street loudly swearing like a sailor while we were trying to eat at a cafe. no one even noticed since it’s apparently considered part of the “culture” there. St. Pete looks dirty and seedy, not a place I would take anyone.

  • Rob Valentine

    I’ve lived in Port St. Lucie, and moved to Orlando and I can say without a doubt this list is completely laughable. I love living in Orlando, however, Port St. Lucie is one of the most boring places you could ever live, there is nothing to do there other than bowling and the movies, you have to leave the city to find anything worthwhile (typically south to Stuart) and a decent percentage of the population is into hard drugs (due to lack of entertainment in the city). The fact that Port St. Lucie is 1#, let alone even on this list, shows that the OP has never been there.

    • jules

      Moved to Port St Lucie from NJ 2 years ago. Love It !!!

      • Badbones

        Jules, you must be RETIRED and not do much of anything.

        • jules

          Retired and doing whatever I want to do, Rob. LOL !!!

  • Dr Mark Rosenbaum

    Sorry to disappoint the naysayers, but the picture is the Port St Lucie Civic Center. Our 55+ community of Vitalia at Tradition, PSL is fabulous

    • Name

      Thank you Mark…………. I totally agree with you – PSL is “fabulous”!!!

  • Lisa Wheeler

    Tampa does NOT sit on the Gulf of Mexico. It sits on Tampa Bay. You have to go through St Petersburg (which does sit on the Gulf) to get to the Gulf. St Petersburg is also where the Tampa Bay Rays play, not in Tampa. And, no mention of Tierra Verde? One of the best places in Florida to live, and home to Ft Desoto, which features some of the top beaches in the US, if not the world, according to Dr. Beach and Trip Advisor. Did whoever came up with this list bother to go to Florida? Or even look at a decent map?


      Isn’t Tierra Verde a part of St. Petersburg? Or Gulfport?

  • Dawn Anderson Kerans

    st.petersburg,lol,only if you are rich enough to live on the beach,otherwise it’s full of low lifes


      ugh, is it that bad?

  • Jerry Boutot Jr.

    Um… uh….. I go to The Villages all the time. It’s not a city. It’s a subdivision. A massive conglomerate of gated communities all connected by paved Golf Cart paths. There are three main “downtown” areas: Lake Sumter Landing’s Market Square, Spanish Springs Town Square, and Brownwood Paddock Square. The villages is governed by 12 Community Development Districts and the HOA. With the exception of 3 of the dozens of gated communities, At least one person age 55 or older must reside in each home, and no persons under the age of 19 can reside permanently in any home. Grandchildren, for example, can only visit for 30 calendar days per year. Hardly the definition of a “Town”. The developer of The Villages owns everything. There is no government. The two associations and the 12 CDD’s control everything. The county government is even owned by the developer, and Villages residents vote on all county elections and outnumber non-villages residential votes, effectively controlling every election. I don’t think you could remotely refer to The Villages as “a town”. It’s more like a massive, planned community that spans such a large area that it exists within the borders of three counties: Marion County, Sumter County, and Lake County.

    • Rosemary Meister

      I live here and the Villages is listed as a town and is very huge community now and still growing. But I will get to the bottom of this. As. you have raised my curiosity. I still think it is a city..I will find out today if they have their own zip code..

  • miamisid

    A list worthy of someone who did all their research sitting at a computer in North Dakota: inaccurate and nonsensical.

  • Carlos D

    WOW!!! Hialeah in 9th. I’ve got to be kidding. Most definitely you guys didn’t visit the place. Nor other places surounding Miami like Key Biscayne, Pinecrest etc…. The top 15 list is just fine, but Hialeah killed it…

    • Marilyn Reid

      me too

  • NativeFLdoesn’tagreew/article

    I guess they didn’t factor in crime stats. Miami, Jax, Ft Lauderdale, and surrounding areas, tons of crime. Most of the other places they mentioned are retirement communities with no real jobs. Check your facts…. Ft Myers is NOT Meyers.

  • michaelbuzz

    You named Miami as one the best places and then illustrated the item with a photo of a different city, Miami Beach. They are not the same place!

  • michaelbuzz

    Once again, you write about Hialeah (?) and show a photo of Miami Beach! Who did the editing on this piece? Amazingly bad.

    • Rod Selva

      yep,when you say Hialeah and put a picture of Miami Beach it makes it look like heaven lol yeah,I was thinking the same think water where in Hialeah is that body of water? Is that Fontainbleu?

  • sparkzilla

    So many spelling errors made me stop reading

  • laura

    Orlando is for tourists! the ‘real’ Florida is on the coastline(s), the glades and the woods.

  • Alvan Fleming

    LOL they mentioned none of the Northwest Florida areas LOL This is a list for retiring Yankees

  • PingGal143

    Horseback riding on the beach in Port St. Lucie? Clearly whoever wrote this really hasn’t been there! There is no beach in PSL. Don’t confuse Fort Pierce, Jensen Beach or Stuart with PSL please. Anyone who lives in PSL knows that it doesn’t deserve to be #1 let alone on this list. You rank PSL #1 and don’t even have any of the Palm Beaches here? Are you on drugs? Just drive down Floresta Dr. during the holidays – skip the Xmas lights and just marvel at all the foreclosures! In deference to the commenter in Tradition, yes, it is nice west of 95. I hope you all decide to get together with SLW and annex yourselves out of the city.

    • Rod Selva

      I agree,I would say WPB , and even Boca Raton as retirement as it is have better quality of life than some of the cities listed.

  • Steve

    The author of this article displays horrible grammar and punctuation. And Port St. Lucie is not the best place to live in Florida, nor is Jacksonville #3.

  • Bos Ayers

    Orlando is not a part of Disney World, Universal Studios, SeaWorld or Gator World………….the only view you’ll get of the city of Orlando will be of the airport……and it’s no view……The city of Orlando is bleed dry by those parks. The people I knew all work at the parks work two jobs, due to low pay………rent is no different than in Atlanta, and it’s not cheap! And don’t forget the traffic……………it compares to Atlanta!

    • Pepe

      I have been to many cities in the south and Atlanta’s traffic is the worst, followed by Miami’s, then thigh for third place are Jacksonville and Orlando.

      • Rod Selva

        I have to agree,that the worst traffic is in the S.E. Tricounty area ,because it is the most populous.

    • HBH

      Orlando would be 1000 times better if they got rid of tolls, and just opened the highways for free. I4 isn’t enough. It would be better to raise sales tax to pay for the highways.

  • Bos Ayers

    Low cost of living………………….not! Low pay…………TOTALLY! Tampa, the city of Concrete. And the Rays are in St Petersburg, not Tampa. Traffic is compared to Atlanta, horrible!

    • Rod Selva

      Tampa the city of concrete,have not seen Miami lately.

  • Bos Ayers

    The Villiages??? Isn’t that the place with the STD problem……………..

    • Rosemary Meister

      Yeeeeeessssssss..They even have a book written about the seniors being promiscuous. Its ridiculous! I live in Leesburg and go there to shop! I’m sure a lot of the new Villagers here have no clue that the town is known for this because it is a area a wealth. Though that does not matter! But the Villages are growing like crazy…

      • Bos Ayers

        Baby Boomers………..they got the money! Shocked there has been no reports of human trafficking……………….those old men like ’em young.

        • Rod Selva

          haha,your thinking Scottsdale,Arizona

          • shara neiman

            or D.C.

        • FUCKOFFYOU

          I thought I read that the promiscuity was with the old ladies there! They were all getting STDs because they all expect to die soon anyway and are not worried about pregnancy. With young girls it would be a different story…

    • Pepe

      Grandpa Town

    • wieceu

      People can’t sleep in the Villages. Sirens from ambulances all the time.

  • Bos Ayers

    Very low cost of living??? Don’t you mean no job opportunities, high unemployment, less than $10 per hour. Rent is just the same here as anywhere else….don’t be fooled! This ad must be some kind of Rick Scott bs………to try and make us think this state has progressed in the past 10 years…………you are either a rich Baby Boomer, a kid in college, or the poor middle class living from pay check to pay check here. St Pete is the best place to live in Florida, but not a material city. Full of hopeful locals who would love to see a change in the economics of St Pete.

    • Rod Selva

      you mean the lower middle class.Cause what I have seen in Broward county for the past 15 years starts to look like Miami :from Palm Beach to Miami the upper class lives in a strip called the Gold Coast mainly along the ocean and on both sides of the Intracoastal(there are exceptions) and whole true middle class neighborhoods that were originally built by middle class people with good schools have gone dumpy and Miami .Many places in Orlando are going that way and Port St.Lucie included.I see what is happening in Florida as what happened in many places in California ,either very wealthy or the rest…starting to look third world.

      • Animosity4U

        Not just Miami and Cali. The entire USA.

  • Jon

    How much research…..??? Fort Myers is not spelled Fort Meyers.

  • Ray Roman

    Hialeah??? HILARIOUS? That’s like the backup slum to Miami. Have you ever heard of WESTON?? THAT should be number 1, NOT Port St Lucie.

    • Steve H

      Seriously. It’s like listing Mogadishu.

      • Marilyn Reid

        i have a better one! how about the cape as in cape coral? yikes

    • Rod Selva

      yes,literally Hialeah is a separate city,but so are Miami Beach,Coral Gables,Aventura and so on…and it gets confusing instead of not putting as the Greater Miami area,so if we are going to list all the cities separate,I would say Coral Gables and Aventura have a better lifestyle than Hialeah.For the person who wrote the article cost of living seems to be an important factor among others,since he/she wrote cost of living in several considerations.Yeah,when the housing market slumped,you could get a great house in Port St.Lucie for a great price.As far as jobs ,if many people move to Port St,Lucie because it is cheap,then those newcomers need services and that creates jobs,its a domino effect.

    • Marilyn Reid


  • Erin Hart-Parke

    Whoever made this List, Jacksonville SUCKS, and the Rays play in St Petersburg, not Tampa.

  • Rosemary Meister

    Ft Myers ok spell it correctly!

  • bowhunter

    Whoever made this list is an idiot. As a 47 year resident of Florida, i can tell you that it is totally wrong. I live in The Villages now and they list it as a great place to raise a family. Idiots, its a retirement neighborhood. One member of the family must be 55 or older. The great school district is for children of employees of The Villages. Some of these great places are either slums or crime ridden. I think The Villages should be number 1 but realize it is strictly an retirement neighborhood. If you want a small town, try Mt. Dora. You do not have to live on the coast in Florida to find nice places. Remember hurricanes tend to lose their power once they come inland.

  • goby

    Hmmm…Maybe we could spell Ft. Myers correctly.

  • goby

    Whoever thinks Jacksonville has a low crime rate hasn’t been there. Go to the city and explore it before you put it on a list.

    • Pepe

      Jacksonville is boring, racist as hell, and sometimes, the traffic jam from hell; but it is beautiful and has an incredible potential.

      • Rod Selva

        I agree about potencial,Miami has no room to grow ,Broward county has already suffered Miami’s overflow for the past 10 years,Orlando has experienced it for the past 5 years and yes Jacksonville in 20 years could be the next Miami,I see the potencial

      • goby

        Spot on assessment

  • Erin Hart-Parke

    Also, in your picture of St. Petersburg did you not see the GIGANTIC BASEBALL STADIUM in the picture? That is where the Rays play. Not Tampa.

  • Margo C. Pope

    And did anyone happen to notice that the photo attached to the Fort Myers listing is actually the Castillo de San Marcos in downtown St. Augustine! Who made up this list anyway and did anyone fact-check it. Lots of other errors, too.

  • Graham7720

    I live in Vero Beach. Number 14. This so called writer got it wrong with that one. Completely off base.

  • Steve H

    Please disregard this list. Hialeah is such a hellhole that people everywhere else in the surrounding hellhole of Miami makes fun of it.

    Miami is full of incredibly rude, shallow people. A big percentage speak no English whatsoever. Hialeah has all of Miami’s bad points and no virtues. It’s not on the ocean. It’s full of factories. The traffic is like Hong Kong. Putting it on a list of desirable destinations must be a practical joke.

    • Rod Selva

      people in Hialeah don’t even want to live in Hialeah,most are older people who bought the houses there a long time ago and are still there,some old whites if still alive fall in this cateory; and old Cubans who bought houses there long time ago when they arrived from Cuba because they wanted to be close to where they worked.You are right as far as quality,amenities has nothing to offer.

  • Al Chansky

    I’m an atty and a baby boomer AND a 4th generation floridian! ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? The writer talks about these places being a great place to raise a family… LOLOL on WHAT???? There are NO JOBS… There is NO industry… FLORIDA IS A HELL HOLE… Port St. Lucie is the WORST of all.. NO industry… the schools SUCK.. my wife was a teacher there.. they are a bunch of moronic low class hillbillies… There is NO city on here that makes sense.. because FLORIDA is NOT a place to live!!!! HIALEAH?????? REALLY???? it’s a GHETTO… and they don’t mention if you don’t speak Spanish ( I do speak spanish by the way) you cannot survive there. It’s NOT a “desirable” place… This author is an absolute JOKE… He/She.. did NO research.. certainly has NEVER been in florida.. and clearly there is NO place to “raise a family” in Florida… The jobs here are waiters bartenders busboys, hotel clerks.. all minimum wage… try raising a family on that… I can’t believe this person had the cojones (look it up in a spanish dictionary) to post this.. I hope whoever employs him/her.. fires them IMMEDIATELY.. what ABSOLUTE CRAP.. I’m retired and I’m OUTTA here….. Florida just sucks..

    • Pepe

      Orlando is the worst place for good paying jobs.

      • HBH

        Orlando is not for the uneducated and inexperienced worker. That applies to all cities in the US.

        • Pepe

          on the contraire HBH, Orlando is a low wage town with a service based economy. As a matter of fact, Orlando is not for the highly educated unless it is a transfer. Even Jacksonville offers better pay for the same positions.

          • HBH

            That just proves my point. Those low wage service jobs don’t require any education or experience. With so many people like that in Orlando, higher paying jobs are ripe for the picking for those with educations. You want an example of a high paying educated industry in Orlando? Look at healthcare then. Orlando has one of the largest hospital systems in the nation. I’ve known plenty of out-of-state people who have relocated to Orlando to work at Florida Hospital. I am one of those people. Funny how a city that is apparently the worst place for high paying jobs attracts so many educated out-of-state individuals.

          • omphali

            Actually, the impact that the healthcare industry have in this region is miniscule compared to the impact that the hospitality and service industries creates. Even worse, every state in the Nation is proud of their healthcare industry and when asked, they will name it as one of the biggest in the Nation. The Healthcare Industry is now as generic as pancakes. That said, it is great that a few in the healthcare industry are doing well in Orlando. It is about time! There are a few in the hospitality industry that are also doing well. What you have to look at is the average income per capita and Orlando is famous for having one of the lowest in the State, and the Nation. Please read this article:

            You might be doing great and that is great for you but Orlando is a stage where they have to become a city and stop behaving as a big town. But do not worry, we now have a Soccer (Futbol) team named Orlando City. Silly town!

      • Animosity4U

        Retirees flock to Fla because it is cheap and that includes labor not just taxes and housing! Any economy that depends on tourism and retirees will not have high paying jobs and thus will not have a quality educational system.

      • David Williams

        Does this person not know that The Villages is a senior retirement community especially for golfers and you must be 55 to even live there?

    • OBR 54

      We’re probably better off without you then Al. I doubt you will find a better place–it’s your attitude that sucks.

      • Author Christy Heron

        Hi, OBR 54 can you please give me some ideas of great beach towns to live. I’m in my thirties, cultured, a writer, chic but need to stay in florida … preferably near a major airport, thanks so much

        • OBR 54

          The Tampa Bay area covers all your points. Check it out.
          Sarasota also has all your requirements, though their airport would not be considered ‘major’.

          • Ken Quaranta

            Siesta Key

        • Larry The Pony

          Delray Beach, Juno Beach, Cocoa Beach

        • FUCKOFFYOU

          Hey gurl, we should be friends. I’d say St Pete! I think you need to drive over to Tampa for the airport there though

        • Bickford Wiley Ancestry

          St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra, Stuart


        Yeah, if there is no education and no industry in the entire state…then go try a place like New York which is nothing *but* industry…and a horrible place to live!!! Overcrowded, overpriced, nasty people, no outdoor activities, a concrete jungle where neurotic, type A workaholic personalities thrive… I am sure he would love it there. He can take my apartment.

        • Animosity4U

          I’ll trade my house in Fla for your apartment in NYC in a heartbeat!

          • Ella Stern

            🙂 How about my Budapest apartment for a while?

        • Nancy LaVange Beaman

          And there are a Hell of a lot of nasty New Yorkers in Florida!!

          • Cathy Veillette Anderson

            I agree! I’ve have had my full of the strange people of FL, the rebel flags flying from trucks, don’t they know the north won the war??or you get these entitled elders that believe they can be as inconsiderate due to there age. I hate FL anyway, too much racist , too many right wingers. please send me to CA to the place of free love with large range of diverse ethnic people who interact normally ( Respect me and I will do the same, but try to shove your cart into me to get me to let them before me or try to order at the counter and rudely disrespect me and the person taking the order getting all confused, so I have to speak up to tell these lady ” Hey I am not finished ordering, Your very rude to step up in front of me thinking I am going to lay down and take this from entitled retirees who believe they can just stomp on other as I may be a RN you end up with someday. Please i know my spelling, paragraphs might piss someone off but please you do not know what or if I am dealing with “Chemo Brain” or just plain assed stupid.

      • nikki

        Right. I think he just doesnt want anyone else to move to Florida! lol

    • Real thing

      Real thing • a minute ago
      Wowwww so much hate for the beautiful Florida! Why just don’t take your belongings and move back to the hills ….you probably belongs and stop talking so much nonsense. Refugiado…..
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    • Marilyn Reid

      omg you are so funny and so right!

    • Allan Rosen

      100% CORRECT, especially about PSL

    • shara neiman

      What a hateful post! Your ignorance and bigotry is only exceeded by your use of capital letters.

    • Ben Hurt

      Do you YELL at people in the courtroom or just when you write comments?

    • Kerri Raymond

      I think the people who live there would disagree with you … only suck in an area if you don’t have the job skills to live in that place….I’m dead sure their are other jobs there than the ones you just described or people couldn’t live there….remember their are good things and bad things about all places to live, it’s just a matter of how you personally feel and like to live! And what job skills you have….go back to school if you can’t do anything but a bell boy etc. …

    • Ken Quaranta

      Plenty of Personal Injury Attorneys here though!

    • Carlos

      lol, when I read Hialeah as a nice and great place to live I thought was a joke, by the way I’m cuban living in Kendall, but Hialeah is not a great place

      • John Sparkman

        I have invented a new kind of cigar and want to move to Florida. I want to hire Cuban hand rollers, but also live in a nice place, at least when I start making money. any advice? Thanks, John

      • Animosity4U

        Next thing they will say that Opa Locka is a garden spot! Hialeah? Be serious!!!!

    • January Wayne

      U rock Al, U r right Fla is full of low level, low class, ghetto ass, white, brown and black trash. Never experienced such a group of hillbilliy criminals and con artisits………… No middle class in So Fla…. and Hialeah? Top 15?? LMAO!


      jeeeeezuz man…just leave already…k thx!!!!!! There are PLENTY of great places in Florida! If there is no industry, then why do some people work from home???!! What about e-commerce, telecommuting, or freelancing? Jeesh.

    • Ella Stern

      🙂 Well, that is another point of view. Being fourth generation may no longer have its charm for you. But I’m glad to have read your opinion. I’ve been living as an expat in Hungary for the past 17 years. Absolutely love it – downtown flat in Budapest and a country house an hour away. This makes me house poor – but even that is OK. BUT – the invasion that the USA brought on the world will soon end the paradise here and am looking at options. Arthritis would like warm weather and I’m quite happy being alone so I’m not looking so much for culture and activities. Just give me sunshine, decent weather a garden and internet. Friends of mine I lost touch with have moved to Vero Beach and Naples decades ago. Any thoughts?

  • Pepe

    Celebration, or Disney City, and the keys are nice places to live and they are not even mentioned in this list. I guess the retiree that wrote the list could not drive south of Miami.

    • Rod Selva

      not only is he or she retiree ,bu not a well off baby boomer,cause even if you are a retiree and looking for quality of life,I would have put Sarasota on the list,but even if you cannot afford Sarasota ,there are lovely retiree communities among the Panhandel,for example for a middle class retiree Fort Walton Beach ,etc.

  • Stefanie Marshall

    Fl is still top states to get to live in. Stop the bitching..born and raised outside Orlando and love it here

    • Rod Selva

      by far Stefanie,weather alone beats 48 out of 50 states.

  • Rod Selva

    I guess West Palm Beach did no make the list.It depends what you like if you like a place where you can find a variety of restaurants and lifestyle Miami and Fort Lauderdale top the list.Miami has its push neighborhoods ,but like every big city it has crime,and the tri-county area has lots of traffic,but if you want life the tri-county area is best.The cleanest is Palm Beach.

  • Rod Selva

    I guess if you really like retirement kind of communities,I guess the Florida’s coastal Panhandel would be best.

  • Richard Bowie

    Ft. Myers? They have weekly murders over there. Cape Coral did not make the list. This survey is crazy.

  • Kathy Creighton Johnson

    The majority of those towns are retirement towns! The Villages? They have the highest rate of venereal disease in the state……….those retired folks know how to have fun but not how to use protection apparently lol

  • Tiffany Bruce-Norello

    My family and I lived in port saint lucie for 7 years. Hate it. Full of junkies and high living unless u are 65 or older. In which your low life kids still live with you til u croak. We finally got out of there and moved back to michigan. Life could not b better. Psl sucks……

  • Real thing

    Wowwww so much hate for the beautiful Florida! Why just don’t take your belongings and move back to the hills ….you probably belongs and stop talking so much nonsense.

    • HBH

      I don’t think Florida is near as bad as people make it out to be, but I do miss TN. Cost of living was lower, the temperature was more temperate, and driving was so much easier. I don’t really care about the first two so much. I’d be much happier, if I could drive 5 miles in under 25 minutes.

  • frankDDDD

    these “lists” are always silly because if you have plenty of money YOU can make it nice almost anywhere and if YOU are broke well then most anywhere is going to suck

    • Greg Condon

      ha ha ha ha ha that is so effing true I have always thought that my entire life.
      Don’t tell me money doesn’t buy happiness look at the fuckin smile on my face!!
      Ear to Ear baby LOL:)

  • appreciatethelittlethings

    Why don’t sites like that proofread their submissions before they’re made public? Just a few of the examples are misspelling Fort Myers (twice), misspelling Captiva, “little hole’s in the wall” (in Miami), “are” for “area” (also in Miami), and many, many more.

  • David Berman

    This list is completely off base. PSL? Hileah? Jacksonville? Give me a break. Clearly this author has never spent any appreciable time in the state.The list should include cities like Wellington, Palm Beach Gardens, North Palm Beach, Palm Coast, Viera etc… These concrete jungles that are listed are mostly terrible cities with high unemployment as zero job opportunities.

  • I have no idea how you came up with this list but it is way off and I am speaking as a person who has lived in multiple Florida cities on and off of this list and I currently own business around the state of Florida. If you are seeking places with a great quality of life, competitive wages, education opportunities and community you missed the mark. Half of the cities you named have the highest per capita violent crime rates, lowest wages, and worst school systems in the state. How could they possibly be the best places to raise a family. You left of cities like Bradenton, Sarasota, Weston, Lakeland, or how about Del Ray Beach, West Palm or Boca? it is articles like this that leave people who come here to visit shaking their heads.

  • Marilyn Reid

    hahahahaha i now know where i dont want to live!

  • buffs

    The entire list is a joke; because quite frankly, all of Florida is a racist, corrupt shithole. If you like it…GREAT! You can have your shitty education, rednecks, political corruption, non-existent social policy, and typical deep south ignorance. Arguing with people who espouse a less than glowing opinion of Florida is ridiculous, most of us would love a sinkhole to just swallow the entire state…if we are lucky it will take most of the South with it. I assure you…if they could get out of here…they would. Asking people who are bitching about the lack of pay, opportunity, and employment to pack up and leave is honestly idiotic. Hey… to you get out of a shithole state, when you cannot earn the money to leave! For fuck’s sake…why don’t you rednecks just read a book, perhaps you can raise your level of awareness…not to mention your IQ by a few points. Now… you should feel pissed. Now that I have berated you with name calling and shit talking, you can honestly feel insulted. However, to be insulted by people who do not share your personal narrow-minded and uniformed opinion of this state….just makes you a moron. This is a state…not one of your family members…calm the fuck down. The state sucks…it is a sweltering pisspot that has ZERO to offer anyone, most especially its residents.

    • shara neiman

      Your post is beyond ignorant and bigoted. The real tragedy is that someone like you even resides in Florida. Your hateful attitude will be a problem no matter where you live. I can only hope you’ve moved.

      • buffs

        LOL…well, you perfectly make my point Shara, for you, me living here is what you refer to as a tragedy, you should look that word up. I assure you that my residing in this septic tank does not meet the definition of the word (maybe you were educated here, hence the confusion). I am guessing that you are pretty familiar with bigotry and ignorance, and I am also sure that you have never experienced it, but are instead simply comprised of it up to your eyeballs my dear.

        • shara neiman

          defending such idiocy. really sad.

    • HBH

      None of what you say is true. What you posted is just the rant of a deranged lunatic. Stop being pi**ed at the state of Florida, because you can’t find a job with your GED. I imagine you show up to interviews as a sloppily dressed victim who feels entitled to the job.

    • ron

      So you will be moving to a ghetto? You are real good with the redneck comments though. Florida is turning into a dump NOT because of so called rednecks but is because of D ghetto hoodrats.. Ya know what I’m sayin playa? Too bad the liberal tax filled and often crime filled shitholes are going down too….But the south WILL continue to gain people as the liberal states LOSE people..

    • Mahi Tuna

      then move, all you do is blame everything and everyone for your circumstances. take responsibility for your life and do something about it instead of making excuses, you have probably been complaining for years already. the world is not responsible for your happiness, you are and the sooner you get that in your head the better off you will be.

  • Tampa and St Pete before Clearwater Florida? If this guy / girl got paid for this article THEY SHOULD DEMAND THEIR MONEY BACK

  • @JacksonCheese

    I don’t live there, but Dunedin is the clear winner.

  • Frank Hut

    Sure as hell you will be arrested .port saint Lucie police are truly vile . Officer Ben gas bar cursed me with the f word and went on a mental rampage while screaming in my face spit flying on my face and the chief sweeping it all under the rug. I went to a city council meeting and the mayor swept it under the also . The most vile place on the entire planet….Rouge police ,Mayor ,chief of police and court system. Run as fast as you can away from this mafia style justice. Port saint Lucifer.

    • HBH

      Try living in TN. There are way too many police officers, so they tend to bully and criminalize good citizens for speeding less than 5 mph over the limit. A simple rolling stop at a stop sign can lead to being dragged out of your vehicle. I’ve even seen an officer beat the living s*** out of a 72 year old Walmart greeter for asking to see their receipt. Meanwhile when I lived there I’d see police cars driving 70 mph in 35 mph zones. TN probably has the most vile, corrupt cops in the country.

  • Turk307

    ok now that i have seen close to 60 comments that actually make sense i would like to know if anyone could agree on what is a good decent place to live with jobs I live in jacksonville fl been here for 9 months i can say for sure it sucks here job wise i had a good security job before I moved here and lost it after my transfer and working it for a year mostly in NC putting in 3 months here due to not having a class D license due to fl state policy

  • Mr_Milmont

    Was stationed near Panama City some years ago. Some call NW Florida the Red Neck Riviera, but it was quite nice in my opinion, at least back when I was living there. Housing was fairly inexpensive, crime wasn’t a big problem, locals spoke English and the area features some of the most beautiful white-sand beaches. Plenty of boating, fishing, swimming, night clubs, restaurants, etc., though don’t know about local employment opportunity as I was military. Of course, there’s the annual Spring Break invasion, but if inebriated young hard-bodies in (and often out) of their bikinis isn’t your thing, you can simply avoid the PCB area for a couple weeks each Spring. Curious that no part of NW Florida made the list except Tallahassee which is inland.

    • Mahi Tuna

      You know, people fail to realize that they are responsible for creating their own happiness. After reading some of these comments you can’t help but see some of these people are miserable and don’t start with the person in the mirror. You obviously lived there and did the best you could and found things you enjoyed, hard concept for some of these sad people to grasp.

  • Adam Horton

    has turned to crap. The government is playing with the weather and
    making it ugly every single day by making it to where there are no
    clouds, wind or rain. Every single day is a poopy butt ugly blue sky day
    with no clouds. Florida is supposed to have clouds every single day and
    or rain. Florida is almost out of water because of this too. Then you
    have these leechy house sellers that want to make a life time income off
    of one house sale.They even hire African American money pushers who
    stalk you at stores, ride 4 wheelers up and down your street and sit
    outside your house every single day in their cars blazing their bass
    systems trying to scare you into paying the house off in a hurry or to
    try and make you move so they can repeat the same process over with
    another buyer. Sad. Everyone is buying campers so they can stay at a
    cheap campground and millions of houses are turning up empty making
    Florida look like a ghost town. Florida was never like this until 2008
    arrived. Oh and don’t give me that bs about the pressure in the
    atmosphere is too high and that is why there are no clouds. I moved to
    Florida when I was 15 and I am now 36. It was always cloudy and windy
    every single day and it would rain often until 2008 arrived. Florida is
    just complete shit now. If you live in Florida and do not own your home
    grab a camper and head for the camp ground! Housing scams are increasing
    dramatically! If you are up north and thinking of coming to Florida
    don’t! Stay up there, you will have a better life!

    • Mahi Tuna

      Government controls the weather? keep that tin foil on the windows at all times. By the way the housing market tanked nationwide in 2008, guess no one told you.

  • HBH

    Some of these posts on here are ridiculous. I moved from TN to FL a few years ago and I disagree that its mostly a drug infested hell hole, lmao. Most of these posts are from angry and unemployed people. In 2014, any quality job in the US requires a college education. A Bachelors degree is the new high school diploma. Florida may have its share of problems, but so does the rest of the US. Overpopulation would be my one guess on why people tend to not like living here. Jobs, schools, and transportation all suffer from the growing pains of the major cities in Florida. Other than this, the weather is good, you have plenty of entertainment, and the beach is never very far from any point in FL. The housing market is booming now. Most houses sell within 3 weeks around Orlando. Other places in the US you will likely have to wait 2 months before someone buys your home. I would also add that people complaining about the economy in Florida have never attempted to get a job in any other state. The effect of the great recession was felt nationwide.

  • Frank Hut

    Saint lucie police raped a child.

  • stroudsburgian

    It seems this is a very popular list 🙂

  • rickne

    its FT Myers isn’t it?

  • Lauren DeMarco

    Florida is so beautiful! My husband and I moved here last year and are currently living in the beautiful retirement community Valencia
    . We are very happy here and we continue to know we made the right decision. We recommend it to all of our other retired friends who need daily sunshine in their lives.



  • John Swinkels

    My God could you imagine living in a country with so many yanks.Then again some of the nicest people i have met came from the mid west.just pulling you’re leg seppo.

  • Mikayla Culp

    Dude your dead wrong about jacksonvilles crime rate. Ive lived here my entire life. The crime rate is bonkers!! were ranked 10 worst crimerelated cities in the usa. but u were right about everything, not including the amaxing fundraisers and fairground events that take place, its very lively. Tons ofarea have theirdowns when it comes to living accomadations but everyone finds something riht for them. Its good i want to be a photographer or i wouldnt have bothered to catch this moment yestarday evenin. Jax has one of the best sunsets in florida 🙂 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vee

    They also spelled Fort Myers incorrectly.

    • Mahi Tuna

      this has been pointed out about 1,000 times already, now 1,001 times.

  • AlpaOmega

    The comments are hilarious!

  • Dongman

    this site gave me a huge boner but when my wife came home and told me about all the spelling errors, the thing went limp instantly and slammed into my thigh so hard both it and the thigh are now bruised. I am blind.

  • Triumph

    Miami – 3rd worlds and arrogant Yankees – for me to poop on!!!

  • Veritus1

    I’m a native Californian and I’ve never been to Florida, but I can’t wait to visit. It looks awesome. A lot of weird crap happens there, but nice places attract a lot of Aholes. Just sayin…

  • Jo

    I am a Canadian not yet at retirement age but facinated with the sunshine state. So far I’ve been to Orlando (disney) and Miami/Ft. Lauderdale. I would like to buy a condo there and read that the Gulf Coast is warmer than the Atlantic. What are your thoughts on that? Also, after reading everyones post I am a little concerned although I am doing a lot of research and readings. I would like to know the better place to buy a condo in a resort community? Can someone share some imput but, not all your negative experiences. Thanks.

  • Twilly Detweiller

    1fastdude is right – who made this list? Did you have some idiot just sitting around looking at google maps? p.s. Your idiot writer also spelled one of the cities wrong! More internet CRAP!

  • Jack_Reacher

    Orlando? Ha! One of the worst places in Florida to live. I lived there twice! Nothing but toll roads and obnoxious vacationers from “up north”.

  • cbeerer

    Hello….well I hope that Florida turns out to be a great place because we are moving there! Not sure which town, that is why I was reading this article. I know that there are certain variables of each town….work, schools etc. But I have to say that we have lived all over the country, in 8 different states. Each place has good and bad, but none seems to have all that Florida seems to offer. I love the ocean, and we are looking for a place that is full of art, music, dog friendly and diverse culture. Fort Meyers sure looks nice….I am trying to get a good job with an airline right now so if that works out, maybe I can transfer to Tampa or Fort Meyers. Well see, wish me luck!

  • Sharon Casillas

    Ok, this is such an untruth! I read this and believed it and moved here!!!!! There is nothing I like about it, except my job. There are more empty store fronts here than people! In addition, 29% of children here in PSL go the entire weekend without eating! It is so depressing in this poor city. I am glad that I work so much, I am to tired to realize that I actually live here!!! This city has made so many poor financial decision, it makes any third world country look rich! Poor drainage keeps the city at flood levels too! It is a sad, sad, sad place to live. BTW, the person who said one has to drive an hour to find something nice to do was right on!!!!!!! I have to drive an hour to do any kind of shopping like DSW or Wholefoods, or just to get a decent cocktail!!!! And this isn’t asking much!!!!!!!

  • Danielle Wynn

    I am from the west coast and never really traveled to many places. My husband and I are thinking of visiting Dunedin but wanted to make sure its not a part of FL that may have a huge racism problem towards African Americans. Can anyone help me out on this concern?

  • Wrong List….

  • Dino

    ft Myers is not a good retirement place—very expensive housing, nothing to do

  • Dottie Derewicz

    All people do is bitch and complain. You could live in heaven and complain because it wasn’t heavenly enough. You can enjoy your life most anywhere. It is all in what you make it. There are different strokes for different folks and if you go to Florida then pick a place that has the amenities you enjoy the most. Most of the country are hurting economically and job wise. Do what you can and love life.

  • nikki

    This is for the people who live in Florida. Where is a good place to buy a vacation home or condo, near a nice beach. I love FL. I love the weather! I know plenty of people who decided to move there who also love it! When you live in a place where the scenery is drab and the weather is cold/chilly most of the year, you want to see blue water and palm trees as much as possible. I like clean clear water and palm trees!!

  • Wow, these are the really best places in florida, i will bookmark the list.

    With best regards,

  • Trevor

    please give me one success story of someone who is not Cuban who has moved to Hialieah and loves it. The best place to live in florida for real? Stuart/Martin County. It’s the best because it never makes a list like this. Get a map and take a look at what I-95 does in Martin county in relation to what it does in every other county in Florida, and you’ll see why Stuart is a little known paradise. Port St. Lucie is just north of Stuart and is where you live when you can’t afford to live in Martin County. Port St Lucie is a failed General Development residential community from the 60’s. As a result it’s a hodge podge of residential and commercial all thrown together. No where to work, far from everything and the schools are poor. Whoever made this list has obviously never been there.

  • RLW

    As a thirty-eight year resident of Florida I find this list’s subjective qualifier to be ONLY warm year-round climate. Some of the cities mentioned as a cesspool that most I know, don’t even like to drive through, let alone live there. Orlando is horrendous as is Miami. In April this year I was driving through Orlando on route to Jacksonville and it took me nearly two hours to get through the place. There were over a dozen wrecks on I-4 on a Tuesday afternoon around three PM within the approach past Kissimmee to the end and detours everywhere. We have even stopped going to any attractions there. Miami and its Miami Beach are the same with the added porn view at every glance.