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15 Best Places to Live in Florida

Photo credit: David Hawkins / Flickr

Photo credit: David Hawkins / Flickr

8) Tallahassee

The capital city is situated in the northern part of the state and is home to many great amenities and a diverse cultural scene.

For those looking to raise a family, Tallahassee ranks high on our list due to its great public schools system and high college aged population.

The college town is home to both Florida State University and Florida A&M University.

Many of the city’s residents are employed through the colleges as well, creating a great sense of community throughout the city. Tallahassee also ranks well for its great weather and a very stable housing market.

The city is also rich in history as it has been a min hub for trade since the 17th century. The city is also home to a great deal of festivals and events each year including the Tallahassee Film Festival, Tallahassee Wine and Food Festival and the Southern Music Rising Festival.

Add to that a number of exquisite museums and a great parks system and Tallahassee pretty much covers all of the bases needed to be an interesting and comfortable medium sized city.