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15 Most Amazing Theme Parks on the Planet

Photo credit: Shawna Scott  / Flickr

Photo credit: Shawna Scott / Flickr

14) Disney’s California Adventure Park – Anaheim, California

As part of The Walt Disney Company’s Parks and Resorts division, the 72 acre California Adventure Park was created to pay homage to the history and culture of California. After years of renovations and additions of new rides and attractions Disney saw the attendance at this particular park rise.

Then in 2007 Disney announced an even bigger update to the park that would take a whopping 5 years to complete. When all the renovations were completed in 2012 they gave us Cars Land and things have never been the same since.

Cars Land is a huge 12 acre area within the park that is all based off of Disney and Pixar’s hit movie Cars. The area has 3 different themed rides and a whole slew of shops and restaurants made to replicate the fictional Radiator Springs location from the film. The park as a whole is a great place to visit and Cars Land is a definite must see for the whole family.

Visitors will feel like they are traveling down the famed Route 66 of yesteryear while enjoying the rides, food and fun of today.