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15 Most Amazing Theme Parks on the Planet

Photo credit: Martin Lewison / Flickr

Photo credit: Martin Lewison / Flickr

12) Ocean Park – Hong Kong, China

Ocean Park Hong Kong is the most visited theme park annually in all of greater China and is one of the largest in world at over 226 acres. The park has a bit of everything available for visitors to enjoy including a marine mammal park, animal theme park, oceanarium and an amusement park.

With over 80 attractions and rides the park has won numerous different awards including The World’s 7th Most Visited Theme Park. Thrill seekers can get wild on one of the park’s 4 different roller coasters and animal lovers of all ages will love the park’s giant panda habitat and aquarium.

In fact, there is so much to see and do at this incredible park that you’re unlikely to see it all in just one day. The park is also committed to merging education and entertainment by operating multiple laboratories, observatories and the Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, which funds over 42 different conservation projects and more.

With all that there is to see and explore in Hong Kong and the whole of greater China this is a must see destination for all travelers and thrill seekers that visit the area.