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15 Most Amazing Theme Parks on the Planet

Photo credit: Michael Bentley / Flickr

Photo credit: Michael Bentley / Flickr

8) Hershey Park – Derry Township, Pennsylvania

How can a theme park be named and modeled after the country’s favorite chocolate bar and not be one of the coolest parks on our list? We couldn’t forget about this gem of a theme park located in the great and historic state of Pennsylvania. The park was originally built to be a leisure park for the employees of Hershey and their families to enjoy but quickly became a full blown theme park soon after. It opened its very first roller coaster in 1923 and hasn’t stopped adding them since.

The park currently offers over 60 different rides and attractions for guests to enjoy including a water park and a zoo. The park is also home to 6 different themed areas all dedicated to the history of the US and Americana.

Guests of the park also have their pick of great restaurants and shops within the park itself and its adjacent attraction Hershey’s Chocolate World, which is a public visitors center. Here visitors can find shops, restaurants and a very unique, chocolate factory themed ride.