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15 Most Thrilling Theme Park Attractions in the World

Photo credit: daveynin / Flickr

Photo credit: daveynin / Flickr

1) Insanity, Las Vegas Nevada, U.S.A.

Insanity take riders up the 1,149-foot Stratosphere Tower, extends them 40 feet away from the observation deck on safe little platforms and secured seats.

Then it angles them at 70 degrees so the riders are now facing down to really see the 900 feet drop below them.

Just when the false sense of security the riders may have had vanishes the ride starts to propel in circles with them still facing downward reaching speeds, at points, of 40 MPH.

The one of a kind view is great but spinning around and around at 900 feet in the air is, well it is insane.

Riders can buy an all day ticket for the ride, and it is programmable so they will have a different experience each time. Dizzying heights, being tilted at an angle and losing any sense of security, then spinning around and around for a minute and a half is nothing less than completely insane.

If this psychological and psychical thriller seems like fun to you, and you can handle it more than once, you may just be… well you know.

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  • Dongman

    I got knobbed at this theme park by Charo’s cousin and blasted at least 10 ounces out of my lust piston before I realized that, technically, the experience was part of a “ride” and I had to give them 25 tickets for it. At 50 cents a ticket, that was pretty darn expensive for a city bus driver visiting with his wife and five kids. Don’t go. I would advise Disney Land. I got blown by Minnie Mouse there, totally free. She set her corn dog down to do it and I ate it; so in reality, it’s like I was the one getting paid. Best theme park ever.