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20 Terrifying Bridges People Actually Use

Photo credit:   Daily News Dig

Photo credit: Daily News Dig

To paraphrase “Dilbert” creator Scott Adams, “the goal of every good engineer is to do very little in their careers, and if you must build something, just hope it doesn’t hurt anyone.”

Of course, that’s selling short some very talented engineers who should be given great credit for figuring out innovative ways of getting us to cross previously un-crossable terrain like large bodies of water or deep, deep canyons.

If they and their team did their job right, they’ve created something that stands the test of time. But there are other structures that most of us agree could have used some better engineering, or at the very least a few more handholds.

Check out some of these bridges which make some us want to consider finding an alternate route.

1. Montenegro Bridge, Costa Rica

For a country known for beautiful tropical scenery, this pedestrian bridge is a perfect way to see a bird’s-eye view of the Montenegro rainforest. That would certainly be a lovely plan if the bridge were modern and intact and, well, safe for all sorts of sightseers.

Unfortunately, visitors report that the wooden span has limited handholds and missing floorboards, and crossing it definitely is in line with the other adventures you’re supposed to be having in this Central American destination.

This bridge is actually part of a system of forest structures high up in the forest’s canopy called the Arenal Hanging Bridges. Many tourist packages include visits to them which are a good way to spot wildlife and study plants from close up.