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20 Terrifying Bridges People Actually Use

Photo credit: thisisbossi / Flickr

Photo credit: thisisbossi / Flickr

11. Trift Bridge, Switzerland

The longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the Swiss Alps spans 560 feet and is about 300 feet over Lake Triftsee.

The bridge is narrow and isn’t big on railings and stability.

But if you’re lucky enough to be in this part of the world, you’ll likely be more focusing on soaking in the lush scenery than watching your feet and clutching onto something every step of the way.

Or if you’re of the opinion that there’s a little too much walking and too high of a possibility of a fatal plunge, there’s also a cable car trip available from the ravine to the bridge area.

This bridge was built in 2004 as a way to reach the top of the Trift Glacier – in the past, you could hike up there, but the slowly melting glacier has caused some access challenges for those trying to hike to the summit and hut. said the bridge was originally modeled after the rustic style seen in rope suspension bridges in Nepal, but it was replaced with a more modern and safer structure in 2009.