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20 Terrifying Bridges People Actually Use

Photo credit:   Wikimedia

Photo credit: Wikimedia

5. Capt. William Moore Bridge, Alaska

The first thing you might notice about this bridge near Skagway is that it looks like half of a bridge.

But the more you look, it does seem to be complete, going 110 feet from Point A to Point B along the South Klondike Highway.

But then again, there’s only one cantilever, which does make it look incomplete or at least unfinished. It turns out that this was how it was designed.

In 1976, engineers concerned about the likelihood of future earthquake potential in the neighborhood created something that they felt could handle a big temblor.

Rather than both ends potentially collapsing, splitting the bridge in half and taking the whole structure into Moore Creek Gorge 98 feet below, the plan is that only one side would be affected and the entire bridge could potentially pivot from one point but not be totally destroyed.

So far, there hasn’t been an opportunity to try this theory out, knock on wood. There have been some efforts proposed through the state to improve it to handle more and larger traffic, such as hauling ore.