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20 Terrifying Bridges People Actually Use

Photo credit:   Wikimedia

Photo credit: Wikimedia

8. Deception Pass Bridge, Washington

Part of the appeal of the Pacific Northwest is the wide variety or excellent vantage points to appreciate overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean.

But these sightseeing spots sometimes take some effort to get to, and are sometimes way out of the comfort zone for people who don’t necessarily like looking down from on high.

This bridge that connects Whidbey Island to Fidalgo Island in northwest Washington comes together at a scenic State Park.

The 1,486-foot-long bridge stands about 180 feet above the ocean, which makes it fun to watch boats passing through, especially the tall-masted sailboats. But the best viewing area for photos is along a very narrow pedestrian area on a busy bridge, so you’ll be buffeted by big breezes from the wind and from the fast-moving traffic.

On a windy, rainy day the solid bridge will undoubtedly stand firm, but you’ll start to wonder about your own footing.