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20 Terrifying Bridges People Actually Use

Photo credit:   MSNBC

Photo credit: MSNBC

9. Titlis Cliff Walk, Switzerland

Europe’s highest suspension bridge spans more than 300 feet near Mt. Titlis in the central part of the country.

People can access it by taking a cable car up the mountain, which can be beautiful and scenic and bursting with photo opportunities.

Or, if you’re squeamish about heights the higher you climb, it can also be an increasingly bad idea.

Once you get to the Cliff Walk bridge, you’ll find it’s safe, at least relatively. Climbers are mostly enclosed and there’s plenty to hold onto and those steel cables are plenty thick. But you’re still out there in the elements at the top of the mountains, 500 feet above the ground.

Once you successfully cross to the other side, you’ll find an impressive viewing platform and access to a chair lift to hike even higher. Tourism officials do close it in bad weather – along with the likely fear factor of trying to navigate this in high winds or snow, visibility will also be limited, cutting down on its appeal as a tourism attraction.