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3 Currently Hottest Valentine’s Day City Destinations In The U.S.

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Whether you hate it or love it – Valentine’s Day is upon us and it means a lot of things to a lot of people. It is quintessentially a romantic holiday that should remind us what love really is and prompt us to celebrate the ones we love most.

If you are a true romantic who likes to travel and doesn’t see Valentine’s Day as an overhyped holiday, here we have 3 currently hottest US cities you might want to consider for your romantic getaway.

New York City

NYC is definitely number one romantic hub and every couple should at least once visit it on the 14th of February. There’s just something romantic to Big Apple and there are so many poetically beautiful places there:

A cliff overlooking the Hudson, Wave Hill in Bronx that hosts a classic chocolate and wine tasting event on Valentine’s Day, local museums are always a safe bet, Hayden Planetarium that offers a mesmerizingly stellar star-gazing shows, etc…

Not to mention the plethora of fancy restaurants and bars offering top shelf Valentine’s Day Specials.


Miami is definitely the city you should experience with a partner. This colorful city blooms even more during this lovely holiday, which makes Valentine’s Day a perfect opportunity for a summertime getaway in February.

Some of the must-see venues:

  • Villa Vizcaya – a circa 1916 Mediterranean Revival mansion, which is quite possibly the city’s most romantic attraction.
  • YoungArts – a building known for its eye-popping tile murals and public exhibits in the main lobby.
  • Design District – swamped with gift shops and luxurious boutiques, it is perfect for shopaholics.
  • Wynwood Walls – an amazing art stroll that awaits just the two of you.

San Francisco

San Francisco is all about love, culture and innovation, regardless of your relationship status. If you are up for an unconventionally romantic holiday, this city is definitely for you.

You can arrange a cute picnic on the Embarcadero and watch the Bay Lights Show; or you can travel to Europe for a moment by strolling along Claude Lane, spotted with great Spanish and French restaurants and plenty of old-time curb appeal.

Make sure you check out “Top of the Mark”, the high-altitude bar in the InterContinental Mark Hopkins hotel, for some exotic cocktails and unmatched views; or join the crazy crowds at Justin Herman Plaza for the annual Valentine’s Day pillow fight.

NYC, Miami, San Francisco… you have to see them all!