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3 Foods You Shouldn’t Eat Before Flying


Photo credit: Depositphotos

Flights can sometimes be pretty annoying with all the security checks, endless baggage lines and crappy in-flight films.

This is exactly why you shouldn’t add bloating stomach to the list.

Eating light is the way to go, and even though it can sometimes be tempting, make sure you consume these 3 types of food prior to your flight.

Fast Food

Airports are crammed with greasy, artery-clogging fast food restaurants, but although they can be rather handy and quick solution, eating a Big Mac type of meal before flight is not a good idea.

“The body doesn’t do so well digesting foods laden with sodium and saturated fats in the first place — and digestion at 37,000 feet proves even more difficult. So it’s common sense to avoid these worst offenders before flying,” says Independent Traveler.


Carbonated beverages are a big no-no, especially before a long-haul flight. Sodas will most certainly lead to bloating and cramping, the two notorious enemies of the long-haul flights.

Gassy Foods

Anything from fried and super-saturated dishes to veggies like onions, cauliflower, cabbage and baked beans will turn your stomach into a bloated Gas Giant. Not only will you feel be embarrassed after the inevitable passing of the gas, you should definitely avoid foods that encourage intestinal expansion since the pressurized airplane cabin can promote bloating even further.