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3 Perfect Honeymoon Destinations To Visit Without Breaking The Bank

Honeymoon Destinations

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Planning a wedding can be exhausting.

Some couples plan this ridiculously stressful one-night event for months, or even years, and that’s exactly why any future husband and wife should make sure they plan a quick romantic getaway in the form of a mini-moon to cool things off and set their marriage off on the right foot.

Here we have 3 postcard-ready Honeymoon destinations around the country that will do the trick without breaking the bank.

1. Catalina Island, California

This amazingly fun and beautiful island might just be the perfect great-escape opportunity for all newlyweds from the West Coast who are looking to get away but not spend a lot of money.

This destination offers:

  • hikes through the island’s vast wilderness
  • bike rides through the town of Avalon
  • glass-bottom boat rides..

Or, you can simply choose to lay back and enjoy some of the best hotels in California.

2. Portland, Oregon

Honeymoon Destinations

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If you are looking to feast your taste buds, the city of Portland is the ideal place for all of you who crave delicious food and quality craft beer.

This fun city is simply packed with fantastic restaurants and boasts over 55 craft breweries. You can also go hiking around Washington Park after a great meal so you can burn some of those calories away, or you can continue to treat your taste buds and try some seriously tasty ice cream at Salt and Straw.

Like Catalina Island, this city also offers a myriad of luxurious hotels with top shelf service.

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3. Louis, Missouri

Honeymoon Destinations

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In case you didn’t know, St. Louis is in top 10 best city destinations in America, and for a reason!

This city offers a vibrant food scene, while its diverse mix of outdoor activities makes it perfect for those who don’t like to stay in their hotel throughout their whole honeymoon.

In St. Louis you can:

  • take part in a baseball game at Busch Stadium, home to the St. Louis Cardinals
  • visit the mesmerizing Missouri Botanical Gardens
  • take a long walk through the city
  • enjoy some of the best four-course dinners in America

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