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3 Travel Gifts Never To Buy Your Pro-Traveler Friend

Photo credit: Bigstock

Photo credit: Bigstock

People whose main passion is travelling can be rather tricky customers when it comes to buying them gifts.

If you have a pro-traveler friend, or you are one yourself, you know that travelers are notoriously hard to shop for.

The trick is that there are numerous traveling related products and gift available that seem like a perfect solution for your traveler friend, but are actually a big no-no.

In that name, here are 3 main items to avoid when shopping for you pro-traveler buddy.

1. Luggage

This one is crucial. Unless your traveler friend has asked for a specific suitcase or backpack, avoid getting him or her a new piece of luggage.

Almost all frequent travelers like to have customized luggage as only they know exactly what kind of backpack or suitcase they want, so even if you come across a really cool bag and you are sure your friend will like it, make sure you consult them first.

If you get the green light, knock yourself out!

2. Expensive DSLR Camera

Even though an expensive DSLR camera can take badass photos, it is not a perfect solution for your pro-traveler friend.

Why? It is simple actually. DSLRs are:

  • heavy
  • bulky
  • expensive
  • hard to use (especially of your traveler friend is not an experienced photographer).

Instead, take into consideration a smaller so called “mirrorless” cameras as these are easier to carry around and operate with.

3. Travel Wallets

We saved the best (and most common one) for last.

Travel wallets are perhaps the biggest misconception when it comes to this issue. Much like it is the case with the first two, travel wallets seem like a rather logical gif for your traveler friend, but are really not.

The thing is that these are actually less safe than regular wallets.

Any experienced traveler knows that putting all your valuable documents and money in one bag that you will hang around your neck or attach to your waist, is just a hazard waiting to happen.

According to Forbes: “It is just like inviting disaster. It would be easy enough for a thief to take one from around your neck, and if you are mugged, a money built is going to be the second thing they look for. Your best option is leaving your passport in the safe at the hotel, or locked in a locker or luggage at the hostel, and only carry the bare minimum of cash and cards on you.”