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3 Travel Tips To Save Big Money During Summer 2017 Vacation

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Summer is here and the urge to travel is stronger than ever. According to some Newsroom AAA, over 34% of Americans will be going on a summer trip this year.

However, not all travelers have huge budgets. Some will need to stretch theirs as far as possible during this travel season in order to make their vacation possible. In that name, here are a few handy tricks and tips for summer travel 2017!

1. Make Your Schedule Flexible

If you are not on a tight schedule and you have some leeway with your potential travel dates, the best way to save some money is to swing it and leave a day or two earlier or later. This may help you save hundreds of dollars in airfare.

Also, avoiding peak travel days can always come in handy as travel prices go up on weekends, while you can avoid traffic jams as well.

According to — “Consider traveling on a Tuesday or Wednesday to nab the cheapest airfare of the week. Waiting until the end of the summer can also yield big savings. Travel prices tend to go down after mid-August when kids start to go back to school.”

2. Think Out Of The Box In Terms Of Destination

If you want to save big money during your summer vacation and be considered as a “ frugal traveler,” you shouldn’t be stubborn and closed-minded when it comes to WHERE you are going.

Take into consideration less popular destinations as well.

Use Skyscanner’s “search anywhere” feature to explore and find cheap destinations that aren’t on everyone’s radar.

“After putting in the dates they wish to jet off, travelers may even find it cheaper to travel internationally than to stay close to home,” say folks over at

3. Find Cheap Accommodation

If you are on the budget, consider all the cheap options when it comes to WHERE you will be staying. Airbnb is always a fun and most budget-friendly option.

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