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5 Horrifying Secrets You Must Know Before Setting Foot On An Airplane Again


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Flying to your destination can indeed be a huge pain in the neck. You have to be there two hours early in order to get through security properly and on time; it is highly likely that your flight will be delayed; there might be layovers, last-minute gate changes, or even cancellations.

Not to mention the scary turbulence.

This is why some of us resort to taking sleeping pills, which is perfectly fine.

But what most people don’t know is that planes are practically germ factories, and that there are certain things you shouldn’t be drinking on a plane.

In that name, here are 5 horrifying secrets you should know before the next time you set foot on a plane!

1. Avoid The In-Flight Coffee Or Tea

The thing is that the onboard water used to make your coffee or tea is usually packed with various bacteria. If you really need your damn fine cup of coffee, do drink it before boarding.

2. Skip The Soda

The altitude can make you dehydrated, which is why it is important to drink a lot of fluid, especially during long flights. However, drinking soda is probably not the best option since the change in pressure also makes gas expand, which means those delicious bubbly drinks might make you rather uncomfortable while flying.

3. Move Around From Time To Time

We all love the window seat as it has the best view, but do make sure you get up every once in a while to let the blood circulate in your legs. Blood clots are even more likely to form due to the pressure, so move around as much you can.

If you are travelling with your partner, take a walk to the bathroom and, you know, join the mile high club. Wink-wink.

4. Don’t Use The Seat Pocket

Although it might seem pretty useful, the seat pockets are basically trash cans. It is favorite spot for passengers to dispose of used tissues and other bacteria-filled garbage.

5. Touch As Few Things On A Plane As Possible

The whole airplane is full of germs, basically. Even though flight attendants do their best to wipe everything down between two flights, they can never do a thorough enough job.

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