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7 Stunning European Destinations Every American Must Visit

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Winter is almost over and you are probably making travel plans for spring or summer. If you are not on the budget, maybe you should consider travelling to Europe. If this IS your option, here we have 7 mind-blowing Europe destinations that will be worth every penny.

Reykjavik, Iceland

This majestic city is definitely a must-see. Should you decide to pay it a visit, make sure you check out the following:

  • Outdoor geothermal swimming pools
  • Breath-taking landscapes
  • Icelanders – one of the most amazing people on Earth

Transylvania, Romania

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This ancient place is perfect for all you vampire fans out there as Transylvania is the home to the most famous vampire of all time – Dracula.

Besides the well-known Dracula’s castle, this famous Romanian region is also famous for:

  • Various medieval buildings and landmarks
  • Ancient castles
  • Stunning cathedrals

Abisko, Sweden

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Abisko is a small yet beautiful place located as far in the north as the train can get. This breathtaking town offers its visitors:

  • A chance to enjoy the stunning Aurora Borealis
  • Various high-quality ski resorts
  • A chance to try out the dog sleighs

Copenhagen, Denmark

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This gorgeous city is the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen and it looks like it’s literally been taken out of one of his wonderful fairy tales.

You simply must visit:

  • Tivoli Amusement Park
  • Christiansborg Slot
  • Rosenborg Castle

Innsbruck, Austria

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This small and dreamy town is known all around the globe as the ski and snowboard capital of the world.

Innsbruck hosted the Winter Olympics two times and the Olympic village, ski jump, and other various ski tracks are still attracting thousands of visitors from all around the world, but this amazing place just as alive and colorful during summer.

Bled, Slovenia

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Peaceful and rich with glorious nature, this location is known for its healing climate. People often come here to recover and breathe incredibly clean air.

Budapest, Hungary

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Are you a fan of the movie Underworld? Well, stunning Kate Beckinsale shot her movie in this equally stunning city. Budapest offers:

  • Eventful nightlife
  • Stunning architecture
  • Amazing outdoor spa centers

Unfortunately, Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel can’t be found there as it doesn’t exist outside the director’s mind. Sad.