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7 Useful Tips To Help You Make A Great Travel Video

Travel Video

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You are already an experienced traveler, but you want to start making travel videos so other people would be able to enjoy all your endeavors too? You came to the right place.

Here we have both basic and PRO tips on how to make a travel video so your travel vlog picks up fast!

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1. Planning

First things first! Always make a detailed plan of your trip and take into consideration your destination(s).

Make sure you plan out your trip as much as possible before you actually set off so you have a good idea of what kind of videos you’ll be making during your journey.

Knowing your destination well will give you a huge edge when it comes to planning ahead all the important elements of your future video so you can start building an engaging narrative.

2. Get A DSLR Camera

Instead of using your smartphone, make sure you shoot with a DSLR camera for high-quality footage that will have a true professional feel. Also, if you have the budget, bring some good lenses.

3. GoPro

Using a GoPro camera is crucial for shooting all your adventure activities. If you are planning to shoot activities like skiing, biking, motorcycling, surfing, you’ll definitely want to have a GoPro camera that can be mounted on various surfaces.

Make sure you also get all the GoPro accessories you may need:

  • Straps
  • Mounts
  • Protective cases…

4. Drone

If you are going all in, using a drone is a great way to capture dramatic, high-quality footage of the locations you are going to visit. These drone shots will give your viewers a chance to experience all these sights from a completely new angle.

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5. Narrowing Down The Themes

When starting out a travel vlog, it is useful to make niche videos by focusing on certain aspects of your travel endeavors.

This could include:

  • food
  • historical events
  • adventure activities
  • fashion
  • culture
  • nature
  • night life

Your focus will of course depend on your destination. If you are, for instance, going to the South of France – think about wine; if you are heading to Hawaii – focus on surfing; in NYC – cover the fashion industry…

6. No Shaking, No Zooming

While shooting your footage, make sure you avoid shaking the camera or zooming too often as these will lower the quality of your footage significantly and will give your videos an amateurish feel.

Instead, keep the camera as steady as possible for smooth, professional footage.

7. Editing

Editing is something people tend to neglect, although many professional vlogers say editing is just as important as the content of your travel video. Some editing tips include:

  • Choose video editing software and learn how to use it
  • Pick appropriate background music to liven up your video
  • Keep some natural background sounds
  • Consider adding in a voiceover to make it more interesting
  • Stick to the ‘ideal’ travel-video length (2 to 3 minutes).

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