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9 Places To Visit in USA That Will Make You Feel Worldly Without a Passport

 Photo credit: karigee  Flickr

Photo credit: karigee / Flickr

Do you ever wish you could travel the world and experience new cultures? You can see things you never imagined and experience immersion in a variety of cultures without need of a passport or a plane ticket.

1) New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans has a unique culture, unlike anywhere else in the United States or the world for that matter. Although there are French roots, no one would really compare it to France, there are Haitian roots, but it is not like Haiti. From the language, to the food, to the architecture, a trip to New Orleans will make a traveler experience cultural shock without ever leaving U.S. soil.

Keep in mind when traveling to the Big Easy that life moves really fast there.

Many bars do not have a closing time and people are out at all hours. The food is a delectable mix of the sea, with a layer of French complexity, Haitian spice, African soul, and Native American local ingredients. The people are a colorful mix of races and religions (some of which do not even exist outside of the area).

If you are looking to learn the dialect before traveling, good luck with that! But do not worry for every Cajun drawl that is hard to decipher there will be three other accents that are equally confusing so just take your pick and enjoy the challenge.