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A Family Christmas Trip


Photo credit: Depositphotos

With today’s trend of Christmas celebrations, it can become really hard to pick a spot for a family trip for this wonderful holiday. From ski resorts with traditional celebrations, to cruises in the Caribbean, to unique local destinations in the US – the possibilities are endless.

Christmas In The Alps

In case you and your family are into skiing and scenic backgrounds, a Christmas vacation in the Austrian Alps or in Swiss ski resorts might be the best idea. These popular destinations are best known for their beautiful views and old-fashioned chateaus and hotels, as well as amazing ski-tracks.

For a vacation in North America, you can consider Banff in Canada, Colorado resorts, or even some smaller skiing destinations such as those in New England. They are much easier to ski on, but are also easier on the pocket.

Islands In Winter

If you are looking to just relax and get away from the problems of everyday life, be sure that one of your options is an island trip.

As mentioned in one of our previous articles, cruising along the Caribbean islands is popular all year round – especially in winter.

This is because the two most wanted Caribbean trip options are Christmas cruises and Christmas beach vacations.

The US Virgin Islands are also a top destination throughout the year and in Christmas-time.

Packages offered by resorts on St Thomas and St John are best suited for single adults, couples and families, so do a little research and planning and you can have a perfect Christmas holiday on an exotic island.

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Just because it’s a trip doesn’t mean that it has to be abroad. There are many amazing destinations in the US that really bring out the Christmas spirit in you.

For example, in Branson, Missouri, every year there are 250,000 lights shining from a five-story Christmas tree while classis Xmas music is played at the annual sound and light show. Anyone who celebrates Christmas for more than just presents should make sure not to miss this.