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A Postcard From Italy


Photo credit: Depositphotos

No matter if you are a passionate traveler or not, every person on this Earth should at least once visit and experience this colorful Mediterranean gem that is Italy. This amazing country has it all – astounding history, classic art, high fashion, delicious food, many sports and exuberant people that are Italians. A true la dolce vita (“the good life”) experience.

Landscapes are breathtaking. Sunny isles, clear blue Mediterranean Sea, glacial lakes, feisty volcanoes, and rolling vineyards make up astonishing sights, while just as beautiful urban landscapes even out the whole Italy experience quite nicely, with so many UNESCO World Heritage sites you will most certainly lost count.

If you have the chance to visit this stunning country, make sure you don’t miss all the famous museums, paintings, churches and monuments from thousands of years ago.

After checking out all the local art checkpoints, make sure you visit some works of the Ultimate Artist herself – Nature.

Don’t miss the neatly-banded stone terraces of the Cinque Terre, which go from all the way from sea level to terrifying precipices.

Check out the blousy hillsides of Chianti and the riverine plain of the Po valley, while the volcanic slopes of Etna are definitely a must.

Italy is a food country, so make sure you round up the whole Mediterranean experience with their famous, carefully-sourced regional cuisine.

You know how they say – When in Rome…