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A Route Across Scandinavia: Postcard From Denmark


Photo credit: Depositphotos

We are starting our journey through the amazing Scandinavian Peninsula with the smallest of the four Scandinavian countries – Denmark.

If you are a fan of the popular HBO series “Vikings”, this journey will be right up your alley.

Denmark is a land of flat farm soil “adorned” with many a Viking burial mounds, making the Danish obscure countryside well-known for its dim and terror-filled historical reputation.


The perfect balance of this country is restored via its astonishing and laid-back atmosphere of Denmark’s beautiful and modern urban areas.

As World Travel Guide describes it: “Copenhagen, the capital, is a cool, cosmopolitan city whose debonair inhabitants foster an affable atmosphere more typical of a small town than capital city. Synonymous with bold architecture and cutting-edge design, Copenhagen is also a culinary pioneer.”

“The city’s cobbled streets and windswept squares harbor some of the best restaurants in the world, most notably Noma, the brilliant brainchild of Rene Redzepi.”

The suburban areas are also mesmerizingly stunning, so make sure you pay a visit to the town of Vesterbro, which became famous for its hit TV show “The Killing”, while the town of Nyhavn is also a must-see due to its unusual harbor, merchants’ houses, and exciting nightlife.

Zealand, the island on which Copenhagen sits, cradles the city of Roskilde, once the Viking capital of Denmark and a home to one of the biggest rock festivals in the world.

Yes, Denmark has it all.