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A Sight For Sore Eyes: What To See In Nara, Japan Part 2


Photo credit: Depositphotos

Known as a city that houses the second largest collection of traditional sites in Japan, Nara is a truly heavenly destination. Some of Japan’s finest temples, shrines, gardens, traditional neighborhoods, and museums can be found in this compact city that’s not only rich in culture but in life, as well.

Nara-koen Park

If you have a thing for one of Earth’s most elegant species we strongly advise you to take a stroll through Nara-koen Park, one of the most stunning places in this region.

The whole magnitude of an ethereal atmosphere only gets stronger and crazier with the presence of semi-wild deer that roam freely among the beautiful trees and shrubbery in the park.

This interesting feature gives a special note of different to this amazing park, and definitely puts it on the map of locations that shouldn’t be missed while travelling through this beautiful region.

The Kofuku-ji Temple

While you’re walking from Noborioji Street to Nara-koen Park, you will probably notice a huge temple compound with a breath-taking towering pagoda. This compound is known as the Kofuku-ji Temple, which houses one of the most amazing structures on that side of the globe.

Nara National Museum

There’s nothing like a good museum to give you a quick run through a region’s culture, history, and perhaps even interesting facts. The Nara National Museum is divided into two buildings. Nara Butsuzo-kan, the older building, contains the museum’s permanent collection of Buddhist images, while the newer building holds special temporary exhibits.

The Yakushi-ji Temple

One of Nara’s most important temples and home to some of the region’s best Buddhist images, the Yakushi-ji Temple is a truly grandiose building that demands respect and authority at first glance. It’s located in Nishinokyo, and it offers a lot to those who are interested in Buddhism.