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A Tour Of The Grand Canyon


Photo credit: Depositphotos

As being one of the most beautiful and majestic nature’s works, the Grand Canyon has always been a major tourist attraction. And the best way to experience the greatness of this geologic wonder is to walk its trails, ride a mule and understand its native people.

Despite having more than four million visitors each year, it would be wise to plan ahead for lodging, camping and mule trips, and here is how.

Getting There

Be it by bus, car, plane or train, getting to the Grand Canyon South Rim is much easier than it seems.

There is always the Grand Canyon Railway as an alternative to your car, as there are hotels along the way which make for a historic, yet fun mode of transportation.

From Williams to the National Park, the Grand Canyon Railway offers an absolutely fun ride that includes a Western style “shootout” and allows visitors to explore the Canyon for 3 hours before returning back to the depot.

This way you can relax in beautiful views and refreshments while actors tell stories and sing.

The Best Hike Of Your Life

But who wants to go into the outdoors only to see the view from the tour bus, the lodge or from behind that mule carrying your gear? Take a hike, and we mean this in the best possible way – by choosing to walk in Grand Canyon, you get to see all of its glory and greatness.

From day trips to 7-day backpacking, there are tours suitable for everyone. Whether you are the first time backpacker or the experienced wilderness guru, there are many offers for touring the Grand Canyon, and you are sure to find one that suits you best.