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A Trip To London You’ll Never Forget

London, like Paris or New York, is not only one of the coolest cities to visit, but there are a million different ways to visit and experience it every time you go. With so many things to see in the city center, it is easy to spend all your time in the tourist crowds and never set foot into London’s many hip and trendy neighbourhoods that actually shape its identity.

Here is a list of the coolest London neighbourhoods that will forever change the way you perceive London.

Notting Hill


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Notting Hill is home to upscale boutiques and restaurants, Portobello Road market that takes place every Saturday, ethnically diverse shops, cafés and small businesses.

Portobello Road market is a world-famous antiques and street market where you can find food, crafts and knick knacks of all sorts. Hotels in Notting Hill are more expensive than in some other areas but they offer impeccable service and grandeur.

Camden Town


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The exact opposite of the sophisticated Notting Hill, Camden Town is where you go to get your hair dyed green and your tongue pierced.

Camden town is known for its alternative fashion and vintage clothing stores, and its edgy rock star cafés and bars.

The residents of Camden Town pride themselves on their non-conformist ways and they stay away from mainstream trends at all costs.

Visit this area and tweak what it has to offer to suit your inner rebel.



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If you like all things posh, head straight to Chelsea. Its high real estate prices, elite residents and rich historical context put Chelsea at the top of the list of the most exclusive areas in the world. Once known as a bohemian part of London, today Chelsea is home to businessmen and celebrities.

When visiting this area, don’t forget to take a tour of Chelsea FC’s Stamford Bridge Stadium and see a football club with the richest fans in the world.

Hyde Park


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Not all of London is museums, theatres and monuments. Hyde Park is one of the largest and most famous parks in London, which hosts the likes of tourists, Londoners, artists and protesters on a regular basis.

The most interesting features of the park include the Speaker’s Corner, Diana, Princess of Wales memorial and the Grand Entrance to the park, also known as Queen Elizabeth Gate. Hyde Park has been a very popular venue for rock concerts for anyone from Pink Floyd and Queen to the Rolling Stones.

Like most of London, Hyde Park offers plenty of contemporary ways to spend some quality time while at the same time reminding everyone of its rich history.