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Essential Travel Tips For Europe: Insurance


In this article we will focus on some of the most crucial travel tips for Europe in summer (and other seasons as well) so your Europe travel experience goes as smoothly as possible One of the most important things you need to take care of before traveling to Europe (or anywhere else for that matter) is insurance. Travel insurance can ... Read More »

5 Extremely Awesome New Travel Trends You Must Try In 2017

If you are a passionate traveller and you are slowly but surely running out of ideas for 2017, you’ve came to the right place. There’s no better feeling than when you discover a new travel trend to get you excited about the warm months to come. Here we have 5 freshly popular travel ideas that will get your traveler’s blood ... Read More »

Terror Alert: Most Visited Countries That Are Not Safe Anymore

After a truck ploughed into a crowded Christmas market in central Berlin on December 19, 2016 killing 12 people and injuring 48 others, many of us started wondering whether we really want to visit Europe at the moment… The Berlin attack was “icing on the cake” for the terrorism-packed 2016, and now we must be extra careful when choosing our ... Read More »

12 Coolest Houses in the World

Looking for the coolest houses in the world? See odd homes that are truly one of a kind masterpieces with the definitive top 12 cool houses list. 1. The Winchester Mystery House – San Jose, California Complete with a spooky history and a most unusual interior design, the Winchester House is a popular tourist attraction today that sits just outside ... Read More »

15 Awe-Inspiring Architectural Wonders

We live in a world where architecture has played a significant role from ancient times to modern day. These awe-inspiring wonders are examples of the creative and innovative minds of talented architect’s whose visions were sometimes outside of the traditional box. 1) Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, Spain The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao is one of the most visually exciting structures to ... Read More »

Top 15 Best Beaches In Florida

Florida is known for sunshine, oranges and miles of pure white sand beaches beckoning travelers from around the world. From the east coast to the west coast, and the panhandle to the Keys, the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the deep blue waters of the Atlantic promise endless hours of fun, exploration and discovery. Many of Florida’s ... Read More »

15 of Nature’s Most Beautiful Swimming Pools

While we’re ultimately land bound creatures, human beings certainly love getting wet—whether we’re stroking back and forth in fast-paced laps or simply lounging in a bubbling hot tub. Artificial swimming pools and soaking tubs can be wonderful places to indulge our innate water-loving tendencies, but these chlorinated installations can’t hold a candle to natural swimming holes. A calm pocket on ... Read More »

15 Best Places to Live in Florida

The state of Florida is known all over the world as the home of Walt Disney World and here stateside we like to call it “The Sunshine State.” With its miles of coastline, beautiful beaches, the everglades and happening hot spots like Miami and the Keys it is no wonder Florida natives are so proud of their home state. If ... Read More »