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10 Tips for Beating the Post-Travel Blues

Any traveler has experienced it: that spirit-sapping malaise that can so potently strike on the heels of an extended trip. While the timing and severity of this back-home depression can take you by surprise, the feeling itself isn’t so hard to diagnose. After all, the familiarity and routine of home and work life often jars in contrast to the sense ... Read More »

Virtual Reality Travel: New Hot Trend or Just Plain Disturbing?

In a time of continued economic hardship, the average person cannot afford more than the very occasional trip abroad — and even then, that trip might be limited to a short beach vacation in Mexico, as opposed to a month tour of Europe. Fortunately, exciting expeditions are becoming more and more accessible to would-be travelers of limited means. Virtual reality ... Read More »

12 Facts to Keep in Mind before Staying in a Hostel

1) Women Only Women travelers who are in groups or going solo often look at security in lodging as a big issue. For hostels, it can seem threatening to know you might be staying in a dorm room with 21 male rugby players on a mission to get and stay drunk for their entire stay. Therefore it is cool to ... Read More »

12 Clever Hacks for Better Airline Seats

1) Seat Guru This online opportunity gives the optimal seating for any airplane in the sky. Free for all, Seat Guru lets you search on their website for a visual map of the exact plane on which you will be traveling. Take a look at the plane set up and then look for seats that are preferred for travelers. Seat ... Read More »

15 Tips for Planning a Great Summer Road Trip

One of the greatest things about living in such a large country like the US is the fact that there are so many great options when it comes to planning an awesome summer road trip. Whether your trip lasts for 3 days or 3 months you are bound to meet plenty of great people, take in breathtaking sights and make ... Read More »

Guam: American Exotic Island You Didn’t Know About

It’s a tropical island paradise that an American won’t need a passport to visit. Hawaii? Nope. Puerto Rico? No, again. The exotic island is Guam. And if you’re scratching your head wondering where Guam is, you’re probably not alone. This American territory, which is located in Micronesia, has been off of most people’s travel radars for a long time. But ... Read More »

20 Solutions for Terrible Mishaps That Can Ruin Your Vacation

You’ve saved and skimped for that big vacation and now suddenly you’re standing at the airport watching your flight take off without you. Or instead of lying on a stretch of beautiful white sand, you’re in a fetal position on your bed, clutching your stomach in pain. Travel gremlins, they’re everywhere, and you just never know when they’ll strike next. ... Read More »

10 Ways To Travel the World for Free

1) Teach Abroad Spend time teaching while traveling and you will soon make more than your ends meet. If you are working in countries, such as Singapore or Thailand, your weekly paycheck will be enough to cover rent of a nice pad along with a live-in maid and fine dining for every meal. Plus, you don’t even have to have ... Read More »

10 Travel Scams and How to Avoid Them

Traveling to a new place is supposed to be fun and relaxing. However, a trip can turn from exciting to devastating very quickly if you become the victim of a travel scam. Plenty of these traps exist, and thieves are always coming up with new tricks. If you will be traveling in the near future, be on the lookout for ... Read More »

15 Best Tips For Going On A Cruise

Are you a cruise virgin or have you taken a dozen cruises? Either way, the experience is one you look forward to and anticipate. Fifteen tips prepare you to enjoy your first or thirteenth cruise. 1) Pick the Right Cruise The type of cruise you take depends on your needs. Will you be traveling for a long weekend or two ... Read More »