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Surf On Summer’s Waves In Florianopolis

Planning a summer vacation demands going to an exotic place with warm beaches and crystal-clear water, both of which you can find in Brazil. However, it’s not Rio de Janeiro you’ll be checking out, but its southern cousin – Florianopolis. Hawaii might be a surfer’s heaven, but it’s in Florianopolis where you can both chill on the hot, white sand ... Read More »

Fall In Love With The Gili Islands

The summer heat is always making us think about the beach, sunbathing, swimming, and generally relaxing and enjoying life. This often results in going on a trip to an exotic island, among which you can usually see Hawaii, Bali, and the likes. However, there is one set of islands you can’t regularly spot in your travel agency’s catalogue – the ... Read More »

Gothenburg – Where Flexibility Meets Luxury

When someone mentions Sweden, the first city that comes in mind is its capital of Stockholm. While this is natural and justified, there is another place in Sweden that might be smaller in size and population, but it definitely makes up for it with its amazing sites and history – Gothenburg. Gothenburg is the second largest city in this Nordic ... Read More »

Meet The Pacific Wonders Of Vanuatu

While most people would opt out for Australia, there is another amazing place hiding in the Pacific Ocean. That place is Vanuatu, a group of over 80 islands there to provide relaxation and an exotic adventure to all who visit it. Welcome To Fun Island Vanuatu is riddled with rainforests and beaches, but is also equipped with great hotels, restaurants, ... Read More »

Find Dance And History In Colombia

In movies, Colombia is usually a place where all the kidnappings and drug deals happen. But in reality, it’s a place of stunning beaches, amazing food, and great nightlife which also boasts a large number of museums and archaeological sites. Before turning away from a trip to the wonderful country of Colombia, take a look at all the possibilities that ... Read More »

The Importance Of Being Prepared

Trips used to be as simple as packing a bag, sitting in a car, and driving away into the unknown. But nowadays, everything about travelling has become very complicated, and it usually involves a lot of planning and reservations. However, there is a way of venturing on a journey without all that. The key to this is being prepared, and ... Read More »

Nova Scotia – The Friendliest Place On The Planet

Canadians are generally known for their hospitality and politeness. They always say ‘sorry’ and ‘thank you’, and it has been proven over and over again how hard it can be to argue with someone from Canada. However, there is one place in Canada that can put the rest of the country to shame. This place is Nova Scotia, and if ... Read More »

Get Back To College Days In Galway

When you’re planning a trip that will take you to the wildest parties and the most crowded places, your goal is probably reminding yourself of youthful days, when the only thing you really cared about is having fun. Most people would pick exotic beaches and busy cities in order to fulfill this goal, but there is another, much more subtle ... Read More »

Lithuania – Europe’s Diamond In The Rough

Lithuania is a country of lakes, hills, dunes, castles and forests, and it is one of many hidden gems of northern Europe. With one of its sides touching the Baltic shore and with its gorgeous capital Vilnius, which is one of most enchanting cities you’ll ever see, Lithuania definitely has much to offer. History Lesson Their independence came right after ... Read More »

Be A Traveler, Not A Tourist (Part 2)

People usually try to make the most of their vacation and then they end up seeing everything, but did they truly experience their long-awaited journey? We’ll try to show you how to be a traveler and not a mere tourist. Last time we talked about being spontaneous and avoiding the stereotypes, now we’re focusing on finding out what the locals ... Read More »