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Be A Traveler, Not A Tourist (Part 2)


Photo credit: Depositphotos

People usually try to make the most of their vacation and then they end up seeing everything, but did they truly experience their long-awaited journey? We’ll try to show you how to be a traveler and not a mere tourist.

Last time we talked about being spontaneous and avoiding the stereotypes, now we’re focusing on finding out what the locals love about their city and taking the road less travelled.

The Local Scene

Ditch your tour guide and try talking with the local folk as much as possible. Instead of following the generic routes that thousands of others have also taken, interact with locals and visit a small park, take a random bus or have a drink in the smallest pub you stumble upon.

Make friends with the elders as they are amazing sources genuine stories related to their neighborhood.

They will certainly help you to fully understand and experience the culture you are visiting.

Be sure to also try cycling, walking around the streets, resting in parks and simply observing the city life.

It’s the little things, they cost nothing but you will definitely get a taste of their culture.

Taking the Road Less Travelled

Try visiting the parts of the city or the countryside that are not included in all the guidebooks. This way you will discover something new and it will be worth your while, as you will have unique memories from the trip you took.

Say no to expensive 5 star hotels, air-conditioning and room service, and book some small bed and breakfast in the countryside.

Remember, familiar is boring.