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Bergen – Your Inexpensive Piece Of Norway


Photo credit: Depositphotos

Although many of us would love to visit Norway some day, not everyone can afford such a trip. This is mostly due to the country’s high standards and overall expensiveness, which usually prevents people from going on a budget trip.

However, there is one spot in Norway which is by far considered the cheapest place in the country. It’s called Bergen, and we can assure you it will provide you with the taste of Norway for a deliciously low price.

Cheap – Compared To The Rest

When we say Bergen is cheap, we don’t actually mean its prices are ridiculously low.

You’ll still have to save up for a trip here, but you definitely won’t need as much money as you would for trip to Oslo.

For example, accommodation prices in Bergen are much lower than anywhere else in the country, but still somewhat high when compared to real budget destinations.

Hostel rooms can be found between $35-45, while a budget hotel room can cost you up to $110 per night.

Bergen is a fishing town, which means you can find a lot of seafood restaurants here. However, meals at these spots can be as expensive as $10, so you might want to go for a $4 Norwegian sausage or grocery shopping.

The Fjords Of History

The town of Bergen is a great vacation spot not only for its prices, but also for all the activities you can engage in here.

Since this is a university town, there are a lot of cultural places you should visit. These include the Bergen Museum of Cultural History, Fresco Hall, and the Gallery Nygaten 7.

For those who enjoy nature and sightseeing, we recommend taking a White Lady Fjord tour which offers an exquisite overview of Bergen’s beauty, and visiting the Arboretum and Botanical Garden at Milde, which are nearby.