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Best Sunny Destinations To Spend Christmas

Most people’s idea of Christmas involves a Christmas tree, gifts, snow, cold weather and Santa, naturally, as he comes from the Great White North.

On the other hand, not everyone is a fan of snow or harsh winters, so for all those who would rather spend Christmas down south in the sun, here is a list of popular destinations to consider.

Puerto Rico


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Spending Christmas in the Caribbean used to be a thing of the uber rich, but with so many hotels built, cheap airfare and affordable vacation packages, more and more people are able to afford soaking up the Caribbean sun for Christmas.

If you visit Puerto Rico around the holidays, you will be greeted by warm weather and sunny days. With temperatures around 82-85 degrees, you will be sure to substitute making a snowman for swimming in the ocean.

Bali, Indonesia


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For globe trotters wishing to see all the world has to offer, Bali, Indonesia, definitely deserves to be a on everyone’s travel bucket list.

When you count in the fact that its warm tropical climate is very welcoming around Christmas, Bali seems like an obvious choice.

Bali’s awarding winning hotels at budget prices, stunning beaches and breathtaking volcanic mountains are sure to make you feel like you’ve come to paradise.



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Regardless of when you choose to go, Mexico offers plenty of gorgeous places to visit and things to see. If you opt for Mexico around Christmas, a particularly interesting place is San Miguel de Allende, a cultural hot spot in central Mexico that comes alive during the holiday season.

San Miguel de Allende features live music, theatre, dancing and fireworks in the main square. You can stay in one of the 18th or 19th century renovated casas and have an unforgettable holiday.

For people who like to travel, spending the holidays outside the country is like a double dose of Christmas. With so many places to see, the hardest thing is to decide where to go first.