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Best Vegetarian Travel Destinations

Photo credit: lucianf/Flickr

Photo credit: lucianf/Flickr

Travelling somewhere you’ve never been sounds great, unless you are a vegetarian or vegan. The simple task of feeding can get quite complicated if you don’t know where you can eat the food of your choice, especially when the unknown is combined with a language barrier and some hard core meat-loving people.

To make things easier, here are a few cities that are really vegetarian friendly.

London, England

Britain is the only country, apart from India, which has vegetarianism in their law! Therefore, London (as the capital) is the best place for vegetarians of all shapes and sizes! This place has so many choices and high standards when it comes to vegetarian food, you won’t believe. London definitely has the best choice of vegetarian restaurants.

Tamil Nadu, India

A third of all Indians are vegetarian, so naturally, India is veggie heaven, especially the city of Tamil Nadu.

If you find yourself there, don’t forget to try masala dosa or thali in one of the hundreds of vegetarian restaurants.

There are also places which serve both vegetarian and regular dishes, and “meat only” places.

Phuket, Thailand

Phuket has its own annual Vegetarian Festival! How cool is that? You can be sure that the only blood spilled there is that of Taoists practicing self-mortification acts, in honor of their gods.

Tel Aviv, Israel

A third of all restaurants in Israel are kosher, due to the kashrut (Jewish dietary) law. Kosher laws regulate that meat and other dairy products must not be mixed. This means that many establishments are pescetarian by default, which is great news for vegetarians! Yay!

Rome, Italy

Rome is the epicenter of endless vegetarian variations of pizza and pasta-based dishes. Sure, the Italians love meat, but they also know their way with dough! Strict vegetarians should avoid Italian cheeses, because they are not vegetarian friendly.

Toronto, Canada

Toronto has always been very diverse and a truly multicultural city. Naturally, that is best shown in its food. The world’s best vegetarian cuisine is available here in more than 150 vegetarian friendly restaurants all across the city.