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Best Ways To Save Money During A Trip To Great Britain

London panorama with London Eye and Big Ben

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Great Britain is definitely one of the oldest, most beautiful and most inviting European countries, so you simply can’t plan your Euro trip without putting UK on the map. But spending time in Britain can indeed be expensive.

Being one of the most developed countries in Europe does come with a price.

However, going on an eventful, luxury vacation to the U.K. shouldn’t only be reserved for the deep-pocketed set. Here we have some useful hacks on how to save money during your trip to Britain that we came up with after our most recent vacation in this amazing and history-packed country.

Use Public Transport And Walk Around More

During your stay in the UK, make sure you resort to taking a cab only when you really really need to. Use public transport instead and rely on walking to get around. You will save a lot of money, while you will also get to experience their intricate cities more genuinely as well.

Private cars and taxis are rather costly as fuel prices in Britain are pretty high. This means that one day of sightseeing in London while using taxi service only may easily cost you an arm and a leg. Or up to 500 dollars, to be more precise.

So, make sure you walk or use public transport as your main means of transportation.

Avoid Popular, Well-Known Destinations

Of course, London is a must-see, but this city is crazily expensive. So, instead of spending 7 days in London, try going to less-discovered regions Great Britain has to offer. Norfolk (where the Queen owns her country retreat) or Sussex (home to the 14th-century Bodiam Castle) come to mind.

This way you can:

  • stay in charming and lovely local hotels and resorts
  • eat healthy local food
  • really experience rural Britain
  • spend around 30 percent less than you would in a more popular touristy city.

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Book A January Trip

Winter is the cheapest season to take a vacation to Britain, and January is the cheapest month to do so. During January:

  • the hotels have the lowest prices
  • tourism is rather weak so travel agencies offer special deals
  • restaurants, theaters and museums also offer discounts to boost their business.

Breakfast And Tea Over Expensive Dinners

If you want to truly experience Britain, you need to eat their signature hearty breakfasts and try their famously posh afternoon teas. Splurging on expensive dinners in pricey restaurants is simply not the English way.

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