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Biking – Experience Europe In A Whole New Way


Photo credit: Depositphotos

Every person on the planet wished at least once to visit Europe in order to see all of its wonders and historical monuments. This even includes people who already live in Europe, as this subcontinent is vast and takes time to fully explore.

This drives many into planning a trip to the center of human expansion. But before you do anything, let’s talk about a unique and wonderful way you can experience Europe while also saving a lot of money – biking.

From Local To Long-Distance

You probably know by now that riding a bike to work is much better for you, as well the environment, than driving a car. But what if we told you that you could do the same thing while going on a trip to Europe?

Biking trips are gaining in popularity each year, especially in European countries, and the main reason behind this is that these countries are actually very well-equipped and encourage biking.

Now that you know this, here are three possible ways you can utilize this method.

First off, you have city biking. Many cities in most EU countries not only have proper bicycle tracks, but also allow locals and tourists alike to rent bicycles whenever they want.

When it comes to getting from A to B while also enjoying the scenery, the bicycle is the transport for you.

Then, there’s countryside biking. This particular variation of riding a bicycle is actually quite enjoyable, as you’ll be able to take long, relaxing rides along riverbanks and hillsides. In all honestly, there’s no better way to actually see a country than this.

Finally, you can plan a long-distance biking trip through Europe. This means landing on one side and biking your way to the other. Of course, you’re allowed to travel some distances by taking your bike onto a train, but for the majority of your trip, you’ll be able to immerse yourself into Europe like this more than in any other way.