18 Urban Legends About Flying That Aren’t True

In spite of concerns related to terrorist attacks, Malaysia-style disappearances and other safety issues, passengers are still willing to pay a great deal for the convenience of plane travel. Some, however, have expressed reluctance to board planes, in part because they believe some of the ridiculous myths attached to the concept of commercial airplanes. The following are some of the ... Read More »

12 Amazing Souvenirs That Are Better Than A T-Shirt

Half the fun of going abroad involves shopping for gifts and souvenirs that you can bring back and hang on the wall or give to friends and family.  Some people may spend the entire vacation looking for that one perfect memento of their time spent on vacation, while others will have to settle for a mediocre gift like a shot ... Read More »

15 Most Luxurious Islands In The World

1) Necker Island This 74 acre island is owned by Sir Richard Branson and is his version of heaven on earth. When he is not staying there he rents it out to a select few including Oprah, Maria Carey, and even British Royalty. Guests agree with his interpretation of paradise and pay a whopping 47,000 a day for the privilege ... Read More »